Coast busted!

Coast busted!

OAKLAND, Calif. -- When Raw steamrolled into the Golden State with just six days left until No Way Out, precarious fault lines both old and new were exposed and earth-shattering events registered a 6.9 on the Oh-My-God-Did-You-Just-See-That! scale.

Undertaker vs. Randy Orton (no contest); Shane goes Coast-to-Coast on Rhodes
Undertaker's presence at Monday Night Raw was meant as a rebuke for Randy Orton's insolent behavior toward Stephanie and Shane McMahon the week before. At the Raw General Manager's request, The Deadman was to punish Orton for his attempt to punt Stephanie in the head. Unfortunately for Undertaker, Orton's "Legacy" henchmen, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase, had other ideas. The two interfered in the proceedings, which triggered involvement by Shane. The younger McMahon ran in and attacked Orton, who fled the ring. Shane then sent a message, slamming DiBiase with the Coast-to-Coast as Orton looked on. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

Intercontinental Champion CM Punk def. William Regal, retains title
After weeks of back and forth struggles between Intercontinental Champion CM Punk and former champion William Regal, the Straightedge Superstar managed to retain the gold he captured in his hometown of Chicago last month. Despite a vow by Regal to retake the title, Punk's offense proved too difficult for the arrogant Englishman to overcome. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

Mark Henry def. Shawn Michaels by disqualification; JBL antagonizes HBK
Shawn Michaels' frustration appears ready to boil over. Thanks to his "employer," JBL, Michaels was forced to face down the challenge of Mark Henry in what JBL referred to as a "tune-up" match. A clearly aggravated HBK ignored the referee as he attacked Henry, earning a disqualification.

After the match, The Showstopper's No Way Out opponent reminded him that the two will battle in an "All or Nothing" match. If Michaels wins, JBL pays him off and he's free of any further contractual obligations. If, however, he loses, Layfield owns Shawn Michaels' name and likeness. In one last tweak at HBK, the Longhorn Loudmouth ordered HBK to bring his wife Rebecca to their match, so that she can watch him lose. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

Chris Jericho, Kane & Mike Knox def. World Heavyweight Champion John Cena, Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston in a Six-Man Tag Match; Jericho pinned Kingston
In what may prove to be a sneak peek at the World Heavyweight Title Elimination Chamber Match at No Way Out, Chris Jericho teamed up with the monstrous forces of Kane & Mike Knox to rise above World Heavyweight Champion John Cena, Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston. While Jericho worked in unison with Kane and Knox in an effort to defeat a common enemy (Jericho pinned Kingston), this Sunday at No Way Out, that sense of camaraderie will be checked at the door of the Elimination Chamber, leaving every man for himself. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase def. Cryme Tyme
After standing alongside their "Legacy" ringleader Randy Orton as he lambasted his No Way Out opponent Shane McMahon, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase tackled "Word Up" warriors Shad & JTG. The "Legacy" members proved they're alliance has grown strong, working together to post the tag team victory. (PHOTOS)

Beth Phoenix & Jillian Hall def. Women's Champion Melina & Kelly Kelly; Rosa Mendes interferes again; Women's Title Match announced
Rosa Mendes' obsession with Beth Phoenix continues. As Phoenix paired with Jillian Hall to battle Women's Champion Melina & Kelly Kelly in a tag team match, Mendes and The Glamazon's boyfriend, Santino Marella, watched from ringside. As the match progressed, however, Mendes interferred, allowing Phoenix to capitalize and notch the victory. The win comes just one week before The Glamazon and the Women's Champion face off again in a title match on Monday night's Raw. (PHOTOS)

Ric Flair returns to WWE; Flair punches Chris Jericho in face
For everyone packed inside Oakland's Oracle Center, the return of 16-time World Champion and WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was undoubtedly a memorable thrill. Well, for almost everyone.

Flair returned to Raw to confront Chris Jericho after the cocky Superstar disparaged a host of WWE Legends the previous week. Not only did Jericho interrupt the "Nature Boy" as he addressed the crowd, Jericho told Flair that he missed the point of his friend Mickey Rourke's movie The Wrestler, that Flair was an embarrassment for not staying away from wrestling after his retirement.

The Nature Boy, as one might imagine, had heard enough. His annoyance manifested itself in the form of a well-thrown fist to Jericho's face. For his part, Jericho immediately slid from the ring and nursed his jaw, glaring at the Hall of Famer as he walked away. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

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