Last rites for a "Legacy"?

Last rites for a "Legacy"?

Monday Night Raw will be a night to remember, with the return of "Nature Boy" Ric Flair and a rare appearance by Undertaker. But given The Phenom's mission -- annihilating Randy Orton -- Raw might be an event the Legend Killer might wish to forget.

The imminent collision between Orton and The Deadman is the machination of retributive Raw General Manager Stephanie McMahon. The daughter of the WWE Chairman, who was punted by the Legend Killer weeks ago, pulled the appropriate strings last week in order to ultimately feed the "Legacy" leader to hell's keeper for judgment and subsequent execution.

The Orton-McMahon clan circumstance aside (but not far behind), the one-on-one confrontation between the Legend Killer and the legend that simply cannot be killed will go down on Raw, rekindling a storied, hellacious history between both Superstars.
(Photos: Undertaker & Orton's past rivalry)

WrestleMania 21 -- April 3, 2005
It all started with an RKO and visions of grandeur for the Legend Killer. Seeking to destroy Undertaker's revered WrestleMania winning streak, Orton got The Deadman's attention prior to their first-ever encounter by sneak-attacking WWE's unliving legend and blasting him with the Legend Killer's prime weapon. The RKO, however, couldn't save Orton on The Grandest Stage of Them All, where Undertaker prevailed and preserved his streak. (WATCH)

SummerSlam -- August 21, 2005
Discontent with his loss months earlier, Randy Orton again challenged Undertaker at the Biggest Party of the Summer. Literally utilizing his lineage, the Legend Killer defeated The Phenom with aid from his father, WWE Hall of Famer Bob Orton Jr.

SmackDown -- September 16, 2005
Randy Orton somehow employed The Phenom's own mind game tactics against him, producing a sleek coffin that sat in the entranceway for the duration of Orton and Undertaker's SmackDown bout. Mid-match, the casket lid opened to reveal a duplicate Deadman stuffed inside its plush walls. Though shocked and somewhat disturbed by the unusual sight, Undertaker pulled through and planted his opponent with a Tombstone for the win.

No Mercy -- October 9, 2005
The coffin enclosed Undertaker body double proved presage at No Mercy when both Ortons, Randy & "Cowboy" Bob, met The Phenom in a contest made famous by the WWE reaper: A Casket Match. Despite The Deadman's ferocity, the father-son squad managed to stuff Undertaker in the airtight vessel for the victory. After the match, the Legend Killer aimed to possibly do just that as he set the casket ablaze with his rival locked within it -- a most heinous, flint-hearted act that Orton would soon regret.

Armageddon -- December 18, 2005
As he has countless times in the past, Undertaker rose back from the ashes of No Mercy; Orton, however, refused reticence in The Phenom's wake. Sending Undertaker on what the Legend Killer hoped would be the final highway to hell, Orton drove The Deadman through the SmackDown set at high speed, while Undertaker dangled from the rear of a car.

The relentless back-and-forth battle of both men culminated, appropriately enough, at Armageddon 2005 in a Hell in a Cell Match. Prepared for Bob Orton, the RKO and anything else the Legend Killer employed, Undertaker pulled Orton through the Devil's Playground -- a tour few men have been able to endure.

Scarred, brutalized and scarlet-masked, Randy Orton learned why his grim foe selected such a demonic structure, as Undertaker defeated the Legend Killer inside the steel enclosure.

Raw -- February 9, 2009
The epitaph sits ready for completion. Now armed with an instinct more lethal than ever (as well as associates Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase), the "Legacy" leader could even the long-standing score between he and The Phenom. Will the McMahons see their enemy suffer a painstakingly dour fate on Raw? Or will the Legend Killer finally extinguish the soul of The Deadman?

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