Ready to get some at No Way Out

Ready to get some at No Way Out

PHILADELPHIA -- If Randy Orton didn't truly believe that John Cena was back after seeing his shocking return and victory in the Royal Rumble Match, he received a painful message, loud and clear, from "The Champ" tonight on Raw in a thunderous FU. As Cena looked down at a writhing Orton, his eyes said, "This is for taking everything away from me. This is for putting me out for four months. In three weeks, I'm coming for you and my WWE Championship."

Earlier tonight, Cena made his return to Raw one night after his victory at the Rumble. Though he had earned a World Championship opportunity at WrestleMania XXIV, he made it loud and clear that he didn't want to wait two months to get his hands on Orton. The Legend Killer had put Cena out with a torn pectoral muscle in late September and forced him to relinquish the title. "The Champ" stewed for four months and watched Orton walk around with the championship he never lost in the ring. Cena waited and fantasized about the day he would get his hands on the third-generation Superstar, and now that he had a confirmed opportunity in front of him, he couldn't wait anymore.

"Philadelphia has always liked surprises," Cena shouted. "Why don't we give them another one: You and me for the WWE Championship, tonight."

Of course, the cunning WWE Champion refused to grant Cena the match tonight, but agreed to meet him at No Way Out. Orton believed that he had finished his business with Cena for the night, but "The Champ" warned him that he "wanted some" and was coming to get some. Watch | Photos | No Way Out Preview

This threat rattled Orton a bit. He focused on a tag team match he was to have with JBL against Jeff Hardy & Chris Jericho, and the "wrestling god" assured him that he would watch his back in case Cena showed up later.

Someone may have wanted to advise Orton to look over his shoulder at everyone during the tag team war, especially since both his partner and his opponents were named among the six competitors in the Elimination Chamber Match at No Way Out. The sole survivor of the Chamber gets an opportunity at the WWE Championship, and Orton knew that JBL, Y2J and Hardy all want what he has. While he remains WWE Champion, Orton is a target for every Superstar.

Focused on Cena, Orton never thought that JBL would bail on him - until it was too late. When the familiar barbs of Cena's music blared after Orton and JBL were victorious, the self-made millionaire abandoned the WWE Champion. As Cena would say, "You can't see me" -- but Orton saw him and couldn't do a thing about it. Watch | Photos

Take heed, Orton -- "The Champ" is back and he wants to have his gold back. There will be no way out when you and Cena collide for the gold in three weeks in Las Vegas. Cena has fired the first shot; tonight he told you he wants you to be ready.

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