"Psych"-ed for the Rumble

"Psych"-ed for the Rumble

COLUMBUS, Ohio - After his co-star on USA Network's Psych, James Roday, was rushed to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy, actor Dule Hill was forced to act as Raw's sole guest host. No worries, though, since Hill more than held his own with a little guidance from John Cena, who just so happens to guest star on Psych's season premiere this Wednesday at 10/9 CT.

WWE Champion Sheamus def. John Cena by Disqualification (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Beware of snake! That's always sage advice when Randy Orton is slithering around the ring. During the much-anticipated clash between WWE Champion Sheamus and John Cena, The Viper nonetheless made his presence felt.

The Celtic Warrior and an intense Cena battered one another with fierce blows, until Sheamus heaved his opponent over the ropes. As Cena lie outside the ring in pain, The Viper struck. He slithered into the ring, snuck up on Sheamus and dropped his Royal Rumble opponent with a wicked RKO, causing a disqualification. As Orton savored the moment, he also nearly wrecked Cena, who tried to re-enter the squared circle. Cena, however, exacted revenge on his longtime foe when he turned the tables and administered a crushing Attitude Adjustment.

William Shatner will act as special guest host of Raw next week
Set your DVRs to stunning -- Star Trek's William Shatner will be honored as Raw's special guest host next week! The longtime Capt. James T. Kirk and current host of BIO's Shatner's Raw Nerve talk show will take control as special guest host and welcome Bret "Hit Man" Hart as he returns to Raw.

Gail Kim def. Alicia Fox (PHOTOS | WATCH)
And then there were two. After taking the legs out from under her opponent, Alicia Fox, in the Divas Championship Tournament, Gail Kim advanced and will now battle Maryse for the Golden Butterfly. Unfortunately for guest host Dule Hill, things didn't work out nearly as well. After assuring Alicia prior to the match that his psychic powers allowed him to see her winning, Hill found himself on the receiving end of a bitter slap after the bout. Oh, yes she did!

Carlito vs. Kelly Kelly ended in a No Contest (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After a bit of mix up, compliments of special guest host Dule Hill, Carlito found himself preparing to face Kelly Kelly. Instead, Santino Marella insisted on taking her place, hoping to redeem himself after watching the Best of Raw 2009 DVD, in which he embarrasses himself … a lot.

As the Italian Stallion made it to the ring, though, Jack Swagger charged and proceeded to destroy him. You see, for the past two weeks, Swagger had issued an "All-American American" Challenge, daring anyone on the roster to toss him over the top rope. Well, first Santino obliged him in a shocking turn of events, then the Italian enlisted Mark Henry to do the same. This week, however, it was Santino who was left slack-jawed.

Kofi Kingston def. United States Champion The Miz in a Non-Title Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
United States Champion The Miz should know by now, you mess with MVP, The Franchise Playa is honor bound to mess back. That's precisely what went down when Miz battled Kofi Kingston in a non-title match after Kofi was personally selected by special guest host Dule Hill for the task. As the match drove on, Montel paid a visit, similar to the U.S. Champ's interruption during MVP's earlier match against Big Show. This time, it was Miz who dropped the bout to his opponent, Kofi.

Bret Hart to return to Raw next week; WWE Champion Sheamus against John Cena tonight (PHOTOS | WATCH)
They don't come much more stubborn than Mr. McMahon. Not only did The Chairman betray Bret Hart three weeks prior, he's also been refusing the Hall of Famer's return to WWE. That didn't sit well with various Superstars, including World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker and Triple H. Now, add John Cena to the chorus. Cena confronted Mr. McMahon with some forceful language that seemed to break through. In fact, a furious Chairman stated that he would see Hart on Raw next week!

Oh, and to punish Cena, he also arranged a contest pitting him against WWE Champion Sheamus, although, frankly, Cena appeared to relish the idea of a rematch.

Maryse def. Eve (PHOTOS | WATCH)
If it were a beauty contest, ladies and gentlemen, it would be nearly impossible to pick a winner. Maryse and Eve, however, were competing in a much more ferocious affair: The right to advance in the Divas Championship Tournament. Despite Eve's best efforts, it was the conceited Canadian who prevailed and now advances to the tourney finals, where she will face the winner of the match between Alicia Fox and Gail Kim.

Big Show def. MVP (PHOTOS | WATCH)
United States Champion The Miz grinned through hyper-whitened teeth as he watched his new buddy, Big Show, prevail over his rival MVP. Just as The Ballin' Superstar prepared to tackle his redwood of an opponent, Miz hovered ringside just enough to distract the No. 1 contender to the United States Championship. The interruption proved enough to allow The World's Largest Athlete to chokeslam MVP for the win.

Unified Tag Team Champions DX def. The Legacy (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Last week, Triple H showed Shawn Michaels the ropes -- quite literally. In preparing for the Royal Rumble, The Game tossed his longtime friend and Unified Tag Team Title partner over the top rope, making it perfectly clear: It will be every man for himself this Sunday.

Despite any tensions, the DX duo know when to put aside personal issues and get down to business, which is precisely what happened when they faced off against The Legacy. Triple H & Michaels shut down any hope Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase may have had of gaining momentum heading into Sunday.

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