Donald "Trumps" O'Donnell

Donald "Trumps" O'Donnell

The bitter battle between the Brash Billionaire and the Left-Leaning Lesbian came to a climax on Raw…and in the end, it was Donald Trump who got the last laugh.

Early in the bout, Rosie dominated The Donald by using her immense size advantage to keep knocking Trump off his feet. She even dropped him with a Lou Thesz press, firing wild lefts and rights as Trump covered.

Unfortunately for Rosie, Trump’s hair came to his rescue. The Donald’s puffy coif helped him absorb a blow into the turnbuckle, turning the tide. The Donald took over, but when he tried to slam the mighty O’Donnell, the weight advantage sent him tumbling to the ground.

He would recover, and eventually use one of Rosie’s best friends against her. While standing outside the ring, The Donald grabbed the half-eaten Fudgie the Whale ice cream cake at ringside and smashed it into O’Donnell’s face. Though no one is sure whether Rosie went down in pain or sheer bliss, this allowed the Donald to drop a vicious flying hair-butt to pick up the winning pinfall.

As the billionaire mogul celebrated his win, Rosie cried for her “friend” and co-host Barbara Walters. Unfortunately, the esteemed Ms. Walters was nowhere in sight to help her apprentice.

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