Monday Night Raw results: Dec. 14, 2020

AJ Styles def. Sheamus

Sheamus vs. AJ Styles: Raw, Dec. 14, 2020

Sheamus looks to defend the honor of his friend Drew McIntyre in a battle against AJ Styles just days before Styles’ WWE Title opportunity at WWE TLC. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

AJ Styles has been trying to put together the perfect game plan for taking the WWE Title from Drew McIntyre at WWE TLC. The Phenomenal One was happy to needle Sheamus about his Brogue Kick to the WWE Champion last week, and the fight broke out soon after.

Styles had his own insurance plan for the encounter, as his associate Omos thwarted an early powerbomb attempt from Sheamus. With a hobbled ankle, Sheamus attempted to take Styles up to the top rope, but a reversal helped The Phenomenal One lock up the win in a matchup of former WWE Champions. Styles was far from finished, as Omos tangled a charging Sheamus in the ropes and allowed The Phenomenal One to tee off with a series of kicks and a brutal chair attack to the defenseless Superstar. The message to his WWE TLC opponent was sent. The Nightmare Before TLC had been delivered.

The Hurt Business def. The New Day & Jeff Hardy

The Hurt Business prepare to face Jeff Hardy & The New Day: Raw, Dec. 14, 2020

The Hurt Business encounter an unlucky stagehand while Riddle hypes up the team of Jeff Hardy and The New Day for their upcoming match. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

A rivalry with The Hurt Business brings people together during the holidays. The New Day teamed up with Jeff Hardy to take on Bobby Lashley, Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin, and Riddle aka “Bro-E” enthusiastically offered his support in their corner.

Before the Raw Tag Team Title Match at WWE TLC, both sides were looking for a punishing statement, and Lashley provided the muscle for his crew early on as “The Chief Hurt Officer.” The ruthless trio targeted Kingston throughout the match, as The Hurt Business strategy seemed to center around grounding the former WWE Champion ahead of WWE TLC. Kingston finally clawed his way to the corner, and a tag to Hardy seemed to tip the scales, but a chaotic sequence allowed the United States Champion to crush The Charismatic Enigma in The Hurt Lock for the win.

Lana def. Nia Jax

Lana vs. Nia Jax: Raw, Dec. 14, 2020

Lana attempts to do the unthinkable and score an upset victory over Nia Jax in one-on-one action. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Since teaming up with Asuka, Lana had been gaining confidence on the red brand but still had one tall mountain to climb. Lana went toe-to-toe with Nia Jax in the ring and pulled off the unthinkable with a shocking roll-up win. The celebration was short-lived, as Shayna Baszler came charging down to help The Irresistible Force unload on their WWE TLC opponent. The Women’s Tag Team Champions viciously attacked and injured Lana’s ankle before Asuka cleared the ring. Baszler & Jax were far from finished. Their attack carried on backstage, as they continued their assault on The Empress of Tomorrow, leaving Sunday’s title match in question.

John Morrison & The Miz def. Keith Lee – 2-on-1 Handicap Match

Keith Lee vs. The Miz & John Morrison – Handicap Match: Raw, Dec. 14, 2020

Keith Lee looks to beat the odds as he takes on both The Miz and John Morrison in a Handicap Match. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

The Miz & John Morrison’s antics have wreaked havoc across the red brand, and Keith Lee was intent on reigning them in. The colossal Superstar controlled much of the match with his superior strength, but the seasoned duo responded with a flurry of attacks to ground their opponent. Miz & Morrison used all of their weight to pin down Lee and claim a win.

MACE def. Ricochet

Ricochet vs. MACE: Raw, Dec. 14, 2020

RETRIBUTION continues its fight against Ricochet, this time in the form of a one-on-one match pitting Ricochet against MACE. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

A week after Ricochet teamed with Dana Brooke to topple SLAPJACK & RECKONING, a new member of RETRIBUTION stepped up to the high-flyer. Mustafa Ali is intent on showing Ricochet the light of RETRIBUTION, and MACE set out to beat it into focus for him. Ricochet fought off his powerful opponent, but Ali quickly dispatched SLAPJACK and T-BAR to slow him down. As Ricochet dispatched the oncoming horde, MACE worked back to his feet to crush the athletic Superstar.

Dana Brooke def. Shayna Baszler by disqualification

Dana Brooke vs. Shayna Baszler: Raw, Dec. 14, 2020

Mandy Rose returns after a battle between her partner, Dana Brooke, and one-half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Shayna Baszler. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions were far from finished dishing out their brutality before WWE TLC. As Shayna Baszler set her sights on Dana Brooke, Nia Jax intervened and began pummeling the blonde Superstar. Asuka and Mandy Rose came rushing to push back against Baszler & Jax, but the statement was made – the champions were willing to do absolutely anything to keep the titles.

Riddle def. MVP

Riddle vs. MVP: Raw, Dec. 14, 2020

MVP is out to teach Riddle a bit of a lesson as the two clash in one-on-one action on Raw. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Riddle has caught the ire of The Hurt Business in recent weeks and looked to make a brutal in-ring pitch to MVP. The Hurt Business leader looked to teach The Original Bro some respect, but the newcomer to the red brand had his own intentions. Riddle struck with a Floating Bro to pin MVP, then escaped out of dodge with his Bro-Nuts in hand before Bobby Lashley could enter to attack.

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