How will Rollins’ rivalry with Elias play out in the wake of the WWE Money in the Bank controversy?  

Rollins vs. Elias
Seth Rollins keeps Elias down with a relentless assault: WWE Money in the Bank 2018 (WWE Network Exclusive)

Seth Rollins keeps the pressure on Elias in The Kingslayer's bid to defend the Intercontinental Championship at WWE Money in the Bank 2018. Courtesy of WWE Network

Without a doubt, the Intercontinental Championship Match at WWE Money in the Bank truly burned it down, with Elias matching titleholder Seth Rollins move-for-move in an earth-shattering showdown.

Although The Kingslayer outsmarted his challenger by grabbing the tights to pick off the three-count, the volatile rivalry between the two Superstars could very well result in a whole new level of destruction in the wake of their pay-per-view contest. Or, will the fighting titleholder move on to a different challenger?

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