Sasha Banks def. Charlotte Flair to become the new Raw Women’s Champion

Some would say that having two title matches in one night is not fair to Charlotte Flair. But in an anything-goes environment, “The Queen” lost her title fair and square to Sasha Banks, who stormed Charlotte’s hometown and took her crown jewel with such authority that everyone — and we mean everyone — had to stop and give tribute.

Despite Charlotte’s aggressive plan of attack, Sasha proved to be distressingly persistent when she survived both a big boot off the apron and Natural Selection onto the arena floor and teed off on the champion with a Kendo stick. Charlotte continued to risk life and limb with a moonsault off the announce table, but by the time the champion had emptied her arsenal, she was sapped of all her energy. When the fight spilled onto the arena steps, Banks used Charlotte’s hometown to her advantage, threading Charlotte’s torso through the railing of the Spectrum Center and locking in the Bank Statement for an instant tapout. The win was so impressive that none other than Ric Flair — who Charlotte disowned earlier in the year — strutted to the ring and raised Banks’ hand in triumph.

You know what they say: To be the woman …

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