Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks challenged Charlotte to a Hell in a Cell Match

Rusev rudely confronts Sasha Banks: Raw, Oct. 10, 2016

As Sasha Banks delivers a powerful message as the new Raw Women's Champion, Rusev's show of disrespect leads to all-out chaos.

OAKLAND — Now that she’s Raw Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks is back on top of the world. And now that she’s back on top of the world, there’s no shortage of women (and men) looking to knock her off. The first Superstar to step to The Boss, however, was not Charlotte but Rusev and Lana, who pre-empted Charlotte’s response to Sasha’s challenge that the Women’s Title rematch not just be at Hell in a Cell but in Hell in a Cell.

Charlotte, of course, was having none of that, snatching the mic from The Bulgarian Brute to accept Sasha’s challenge and berate The Super Athlete for dismissing the Women’s Revolution. Tensions quickly rose after that as both Lana and Rusev insisted they were the only ones worthy to main-event Raw and step inside Hell in a Cell. Sasha & Charlotte quickly united to send both Superstars tumbling from the ring, and Rusev seemed ready to retaliate until Roman Reigns made his entrance (and not a moment too soon), evening the odds and helping to drive the dastardly duo away.

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