What team will Gallows & Anderson target next?

The Dudley Boyz say goodbye: Raw, Aug. 22, 2016

As Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley bid farewell to the WWE Universe, two tag teams disrespect the table-shattering veterans.

After failing to diagnose any new cases of “ringpostitis” last week, “Doctors” Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson accepted new patients last week in The Dudley Boyz, spoiling the iconic tag team’s farewell address to the WWE Universe with a disrespectful attack that culminated in D-Von Dudley being driven through a table.

As much as it might have been an opportunity to spoil a feel-good moment — Gallows & Anderson are known to do that — it was also a poignant statement to the entire Team Red locker room that no one is safe. Will another tandem suffer the same fate as The Dudley Boyz this Monday night?

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