Superstars react to Kevin Owens’ WWE Universal Championship victory

Superstars react to Kevin Owens’ WWE Universal Championship victory

Triple H’s first Raw appearance since WrestleMania 32 wasn’t something anyone was expecting —not Seth Rollins, not Roman Reigns, not Kevin Owens and, seemingly, not even his wife, Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon. And yet, with the calculated ferocity we’ve all come to expect from The Cerebral Assassin, Triple H was right back in the thick of it. First, The Game got some WrestleMania vengeance against Roman Reigns, hitting the man who defeated him at The Show of Shows for the WWE World Championship with a Pedigree and, seemingly, paving the way for a Seth Rollins victory.

But not so fast, Architect. Rollins would soon suffer the same fate as The Big Dog, being Pedigreed to the canvas and becoming easy prey to The Prizefighter. Owens then covered the supine Rollins to score the win and the WWE Universal Championship, which might as well have been delivered to him on a silver platter.

Triple H’s actions have spurred speculation across the WWE Universe, and those questions continue to swirl around the Raw and SmackDown Live locker rooms. Here’s what your favorite Superstars had to say on Twitter about the unbelievable conclusion to this week’s Raw.

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