What’s going through Charlotte’s mind?

WWE Superstars react to Charlotte's shocking actions on Raw

Every WWE Superstar has their own perspective on what Charlotte said to Ric Flair this past Monday on Raw. Are you surprised which WWE Superstars sided with Charlotte?

Last week on Raw, the WWE Universe watched, with mouths agape, as WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte cut all ties to her two-time WWE Hall of Famer dad, Ric Flair, in a startling show of disrespect.

The Nature Boy has arguably been an instrumental part of Charlotte’s rise to the top of the Women’s division, but she evidently feels differently, at least these days. She’s recently gained a new ally in the imposing Dana Brooke, but what caused this change of heart for the second-generation Superstar? Has she always harbored resentment toward her father? Hopefully, we’ll learn more about the WWE Women’s Champion’s new attitude on Raw.

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