The 'EnD' is here

Dana Brooke ambushes Becky Lynch: Raw, May 9, 2016

Emma painfully reintroduces The Irish Lass Kicker to the imposing Dana Brooke.

Big shakeups are happening in the Women’s division, as Dana Brooke’s Raw debut officially turned Becky Lynch’s beef with Emma into a 2-on-1 affair. The Irish Lass Kicker caught a pair of lass kickings from the newly-christened “EnD” (Emma ‘n’ Dana), with Dana notching her SmackDown debut victory at Lynch’s expense. Even though Emma suffered a back injury shortly after Dana's debut, the powerful Superstar is still poised to make life hell for Maiden Ireland. Lynch might find herself in need of some extra #straightfire to make it out of this one.

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