Kevin Owens issues public apology for Machine Gun Kelly attack

Kevin Owens issues public apology for Machine Gun Kelly attack

After performing his hit single “A Little More” on Raw, live in his hometown of Cleveland, rapper Machine Gun Kelly fell victim to an unprovoked assault by NXT Champion Kevin Owens, who confronted the hip-hop star and threw him off the stage.

Fortunately, it appears MGK did not suffer any severe injuries as a result of this attack. Not that it mattered to Owens, who alarmingly showed a complete lack of remorse afterward. When JoJo and caught up with the bitter brawler in the locker room area moments after the incident, he replied that he brutalized the rapper simply because he “felt like it.”

Owens’ callous attitude didn’t sit well with The Authority, who dealt with the brash newcomer later on.

"Owens was forced to apologize via social media,” Stephanie McMahon said in a statement.  “The situation was handled internally with Owens and its results will not be made public.”

The apology, issued late Monday night, reads as follows.

Whether there is any sincerity in Owens’ words remains to be seen.

MGK has history with Owens’ rival, United States Champion John Cena, and famously played the Cenation leader to the ring at WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami. Was Owens’ attack premeditated, based on that association? Or was he simply out to prove that there are no limits to his fury?

Regardless, the attack did not go unnoticed in the WWE locker room or by Cena himself, who is still recovering from injuries sustained at Owens’ hands after their Champion vs. Champion Match at Money in the Bank. The punishment The Authority doled out to Owens just might pale in comparison to whatever Cena has in store for the NXT Champion when he returns to the ring.

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