Are Erick Rowan & Luke Harper the most dangerous combination in the tag team division?

Los Matadores vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan: Raw, June 8, 2015

Los Matadores take on the unusual tandem of Luke Harper & Erick Rowan.

With an impressive victory over Los Matadores on Raw, the reunited Luke Harper & Erick Rowan have served notice that the time for one and all to pay for their sins has come. But is the dark combination now the biggest threat facing the tag team division?

Since their origins in The Wyatt Family, Harper & Rowan have brought a unique presence to WWE. Their creepy persona seems more like “The Walking Dead’s“ “walkers” than traditional WWE Superstars. The two claim that it is the outside world that has rejected them, prompting their recent run of aggression and, if the level of intimidation they carry with them is any indication, their pending opposition could be in big trouble.

The impact of a victory over Los Matadores cannot be understated. Diego & Fernando have been on fire of late, bringing their exciting, high-flying style into the first-ever Elimination Chamber for the WWE Tag Team Title and WrestleMania’s WWE Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way. Nonetheless, Harper & Rowan decisively put the luchadores away on Monday night – a reminder of just how dominating the tandem can be together and leaving many to wonder: Who can put a stop to the monsters’ mission?

In The Wyatt Family, Harper & Rowan operated under the leadership of Bray Wyatt. Despite the chaos they unleashed, they were always controlled. Now that they have been left to their own devices with a clear path of destruction in mind, it could be argued that they are even more dangerous than ever.

Indeed, reunited with his brother in darkness, Harper noted on SmackDown that they do not “look,” “act,” or “think” like their enemies. Is this precisely what sets them apart in WWE’s competitive tag team landscape?

While charismatic teams like The New Day and The Prime Time Players defend or battle for the WWE Tag Team Championship, they should also look over their shoulders for this looming threat. Harper & Rowan do not clap, they do not dance and they certainly do not boast about their “millions of dollars.” And it’s not just their own no-nonsense attitude that sets them apart.

Together, their dangerous arsenal, highlighted by their devastating new finishing maneuver The Way, will prove formidable to any opposition. Their brutal aggression could very well overcome the numbers advantage of Big E, Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston, the outrageous antics of Darren Young & Titus O’Neil and the equally menacing nature of The Ascension.

While these gestures encourage participation from the WWE Universe, Harper & Rowan look to unleash their wrath on anyone in their wake. Their dark purpose may be just what they need to not only exorcise their own demons, but to seek out and destroy everyone else in the process.

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