Who is Bray Wyatt talking to?

Bray Wyatt says "it's coming": Raw, February 16, 2015

"The New Face of Fear" speaks cryptically about what lies ahead.

For several weeks now, Bray Wyatt seems to have been focusing a series of cryptic messages on someone specifically. But just who is the figure in question?

Wyatt’s dark diatribes have spoken of not fearing, but pitying this person. He talks of the “tragedy” that has befallen him. He talks of himself being the Reaper and of being the answer. But no matter how colorful his presentation may be, Wyatt has not yet revealed who the actual target of his rage might be.

Could Wyatt simply be taunting one of the many enemies that he has made since stepping into the squared circle? Might he be speaking to John Cena, who’s never-give-up attitude “will not die”? Dean Ambrose? Kane? Certainly the all-out wars that he has had with these larger-than-life competitors would still be festering inside his brain. Moreover, he may be speaking of unfinished business with the likes of former disciple Erick Rowan, who Wyatt most recently clashed with in the Royal Rumble Match and who has definitely been stuck in a state of “limbo” since returning to WWE following the “tragedy” of being fired by The Authority.

There is another intriguing possibility, though: one that has all of us at WWE.com champing at the bit. What if The New Face of Fear were actually calling out The Undertaker? After all, The Demon of Death Valley does tend to re-emerge on The Road to WrestleMania, and Bray Wyatt is just the kind of darkness that would pique The Phenom’s interest. It only stands to reason that the two ominous figures would speak the same language. If fact, Wyatt’s most recent message shows him driving a spike into wood. What if that wood were a coffin, the very symbol of The Deadman? If it were true, the mind games that would occur between the two forces of nature would only be outdone by the epic collision that would surely follow on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

For that matter, why not Sting? Now that the painted competitor has opted to interfere in WWE concerns, could Wyatt be calling out The Vigilante himself, even as The Franchise of WCW prepares to come face-to-face with the WWE COO at WrestleMania?

Then again, it is also very possible that his mysterious words signal the coming of a whole new figure altogether, some new threat which only the darkness employed by Wyatt would be able to foresee.

The only thing for sure is that Wyatt’s words do mean something. Wyatt has always backed up his mysterious talk with definitive action. And now that he has given his unknown adversary an ultimatum to find The Eater of Worlds or he would find him, a true reckoning must be at hand. The only question is … with whom?

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