UPDATE: Randy Orton injured in Authority attack

UPDATE: Randy Orton injured in Authority attack

The Authority lays out Randy Orton: Raw, Nov. 3, 2014

After stealing a victory from Randy Orton, Seth Rollins joins his Authority associates in savagely assaulting WWE's Apex Predator.

UPDATE, NOV. 5, 2014: WWE.com has learned that Orton has been diagnosed with a concussion following further tests by WWE physician Dr. Stephen Daquino. “Randy exhibited symptoms of a concussion after the Curb Stomp on the announcer’s desk,” Daquino reported to WWE.com “He also had some facial contusions. Currently he is not cleared to compete and his return timetable is undetermined.”

Continue to check with WWE.com for further updates.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — WWE.com has learned that Randy Orton was injured following an attack at the hands of The Authority, during which he suffered two consecutive Curb Stomps from Seth Rollins; one atop the announce table and another on the steel steps. The extent of the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion’s injuries is unknown at this time, however, as all medical evaluations of The Apex Predator were done behind closed doors. WWE.com was unable to get official comment from medical staff as to the nature of Orton’s injuries, though locker room speculation is that The Viper had suffered a concussion.

WWE.com hopes to have an official update on Orton’s condition tomorrow.

Watch: Orton is stretchered out of the arena |  Photos of the attack

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