The Brogue Kick is catching on in the NFL

The Brogue Kick is catching on in the NFL
During the Pittsburgh Steelers' NFL season opener against the Cleveland Browns yesterday, wide receiver Antonio Brown put an exclamation point on his explosive punt return by Brogue Kicking the opposing punter, Spencer Lanning, directly in the face.

Forget illegal use of the hands! Pass interference? Whatever! The Brogue Kick could very well be making its own play for the end zone, if the firestorm of media attraction surrounding the incident was any indication. Indeed, upon utilizing United States Champion Sheamus’ signature maneuver, Brown’s actions quickly kicked social media into high gear.

The Celtic Warrior, for one, added his two cents, Tweeting:

This all begs the question: Are more Brogue Kicks, Spears and RKOs destined to “accidentally” make their way onto the gridiron anytime soon? Only time will tell.

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