WWE Tag Team Champion Jey Uso suffers leg injury on Raw

WWE Tag Team Champion Jey Uso suffers leg injury on Raw

Jimmy Uso vs. Goldust: Raw, Sept. 1, 2014

WWE Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso goes one-on-one with Goldust.

DES MOINES, Iowa — WWE Tag Team Champion Jey Uso suffered an aggravation of his previously injured knee, WWE.com has learned.

Uso suffered what WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann diagnosed as “stretched ligaments” last week during a title match with Gold & Stardust, and the additional damage came courtesy of a second attack after his brother Jimmy’s match with Goldust.

Photos of Stardust's attack |  Watch The Usos defend the Tag Titles on WWE Network

“This evening during [Jimmy Uso’s match with Goldust, Jey] sustained forceful, direct blunt trauma to his left knee with a chair [strike] to the knee while his leg was wrapped around the ring post,” Amann said. We brought him back to the training room and took a look at his knee. All the external ligaments seem to be intact, but we’re worried about internal ligament damage as well as possible fractures, so we’ve set him up for further evaluations with X-rays and an MRI.”

Check back with WWE.com for more on Jey’s condition.

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