UPDATE: Daniel Bryan not medically cleared to compete on Raw

UPDATE: Daniel Bryan not medically cleared to compete on Raw

A handcuffed Daniel Bryan is assaulted by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon: Raw, March 17, 2014

Daniel Bryan gets a beating of a lifetime by Triple H.

WWE.com can confirm that Daniel Bryan suffered a shoulder injury as a result of being handcuffed and attacked by WWE COO Triple H in the final moments of last night's Raw.

Photos of The Game's attack |  Watch the aftermath on Backstage Pass replays

WWE medical sources confirm that, as a result of the COO's attack, Bryan's previous shoulder injury stemming from several matches with several Superstars was severely exasperated, including a dislocation and potential ligament tears. The level of damage cannot be determined until the swelling reduces, though Bryan has since left the hospital and will receive an MRI once that swelling has gone down.

UPDATE (FRI 3/21): According to Dr. Amann, Daniel Bryan has suffered a shoulder subluxation (partially dislocated). The ligament in question is stretched and he has capsular swelling.

However, Bryan’s labrum is structurally intact, so surgery will not be necessary. While the doctor has recommended rest, Bryan has vowed to continue to participate in all his scheduled live events.

UPDATE (MON 3/24): WWE.com has obtained fan footage of Bryan honoring his word, moments after competing in a Steel Cage Match during this weekend's WWE Live Events, though WWE medical staff confirmed that Bryan has not been medically cleared to compete on Raw. The "Yes!" man confirmed his status to the WWE Universe via Twitter.

Stay with WWE.com for more updates on Bryan's condition.

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