UPDATE: Mark Henry injured by Brock Lesnar on Old School Raw

UPDATE: Mark Henry injured by Brock Lesnar on Old School Raw

Mark Henry’s second attempt in as many weeks to fight Brock Lesnar has landed the former World Heavyweight Champion with a dislocated elbow. Henry – who had already suffered bruised ribs from his previous brawl with The Beast Incarnate – was placed into a Kimura Lock when he tried to brawl with Lesnar in the ring and was injured as a result.

“During the altercation, Brock had put Mark into a submission hold that created an excessive amount of torque on his elbow,” said WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann. “Subsequently the elbow joint was dislocated in the ring. We brought Mark back into the training room where we were able to relocate the joint and put it back into place. We’re now going to send him over to the hospital for further X-rays and CAT scans to see if there’s any further damage. We will have further updates following his hospital visit.”

UPDATE: Dr. Amann has confirmed that Henry's arm was also fractured in addition to being dislocated. "Mark was seen in the emergency department in Baltimore yesterday for further testing which included a CAT scan, which showed a fracture in the elbow itself," he said. "We're going to put him in a sling and limit his motion and we'll be following him day-to-day."

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