How will John Cena's elbow affect him at SummerSlam?

How will John Cena's elbow affect him at SummerSlam?

Among the many surprises of Monday night's Raw was an unexpected look at an injury the WWE Universe hadn’t even known WWE Champion John Cena sustained: His swollen, distended elbow, which, as The Champ commented on in his address to Daniel Bryan, “looks like a football.”

Watch Cena's address |  Cena, Orton & Bryan battle The Shield

The sight of the Cenation leader’s injured arm certainly raised concerns for WWE medical staff, who taped The Champ’s elbow up before his main-event bout with Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan against The Shield, but questions about Cena’s health now extend beyond Monday night's show. With SummerSlam just two weeks away and Daniel Bryan gaining momentum in his pursuit of Cena’s title, how, if at all, will this injury come back to haunt The Champ as the bout approaches? As a master of submission maneuvers, Bryan certainly has a big target now; a well-placed elbow-hyperextending hold could cut the match short before it ever truly begins and take Cena’s reign with it. Even if Cena refuses to submit, a WWE official may rule Cena unable to continue if his elbow is snapped.

For now, it does not appear that Cena’s title defense is in any danger, nor is his eligibility for SummerSlam. He can and has fought back through worse. As for whether he’s truly at 100 percent when he puts his title on the line? That, at least, is no longer a given.

UPDATE: The Champ has commented on his ailment via Twitter as of Tuesday afternoon.

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