Raw Five-Point Preview: July 1, 2013

Raw Five-Point Preview: July 1, 2013

Tensions between CM Punk and Paul Heyman were smoothed over with a hug on last week’s Raw. But are things really OK in Camp Heyman? A tag team victory for the “Heyman Guys” could be just the thing needed to cool things off in the Heyman stable as a hot July comes roaring in. Here are five reasons tonight’s Raw is must-see as Money in the Bank fast approaches.

1. 'Heyman Guys' vs. The Prime Time Players

CM Punk vs. Darren Young: Raw, June 24, 2013

CM Punk goes one-on-one with "Mr. No Days Off" Darren Young.

Last week, CM Punk seemed unsure of how he felt about receiving assistance from Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel in fending off a 2-on-1 attack from The Prime Time Players. This week, the pair of "Paul Heyman Guys" will team up to face Young & O'Neil in tag action. With Brock Lesnar's recent attack on Punk causing friction between Punk and Heyman, a tag team victory could be just thing to smooth things over within Heyman's circle.

Is the Paul Heyman circle on the brink of implosion?

2. Is Mark Henry nothing but a liar?

Mark Henry declares he will win the WWE Title at Money in the Bank: Raw, June 24, 2013

Mark Henry has big plans for himself at Money in the Bank.

Mark Henry relished in fooling the entire WWE Universe into believing he was retiring. Now The World's Strongest Man declares he will dethrone WWE Champion John Cena at Money in the Bank and walk off with his title. Will Henry’s prediction come true on July 14? Will he finally capture a title that has eluded him his entire career? Or, is Henry's championship claim just another big lie? Who will make the next move as the  WWE Title Match at Money in the Bank fast approaches?

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3. Is the party coming to an end for Del Rio?

Dolph Ziggler crashes Fiesta Del Rio: SmackDown, June 28, 2013

Dolph Ziggler plays party crasher during World Champion Alberto Del Rio's celebratory fiesta.

Dolph Ziggler doesn’t want to accept the fact that he lost the World Title to Alberto Del Rio at WWE Payback. Ever since, he's been hell-bent on letting the WWE Universe know it. On Friday's SmackDown, The Showoff crashed Del Rio's "Championship Fiesta" and smashed Ricardo Rodriguez with a guitar. Will Del Rio ever get to relish in regaining the World Title, or will Ziggler continue to chase him all the way to their Money in the Bank match?

Dolph Ziggler explains his frustrations with not being World Heavyweight Champion

4. Will AJ Lee or Kaitlyn strike next?

Natalya vs. AJ Lee: SmackDown, June 28, 2013

Kaitlyn does her best impression of AJ Lee while the Divas Champion goes one-on-one with Natalya.

First it was Divas Champion AJ Lee who infuriated Kaitlyn by donning a muscle suit to mock her last week on Raw. On SmackDown, the Hybrid Diva got a measure of retribution when her AJ outfit led to a distraction, causing AJ to lose her match to Natalya. As tensions boil over in an emotional war between the two former best friends, what will happen next?

The many faces of AJ Lee

5. Is an angry Big Red Monster coming to Raw?

Randy Orton vs. Kane: SmackDown, June 28, 2013

Randy Orton and Kane square off while Daniel Bryan tries to help his partner.

Last week’s Raw marked a milestone moment in Daniel Bryan’s career when he forced Randy Orton to tap out. On SmackDown, The Viper scored a win over Kane when Bryan shoved Kane back into the ring to continue the match and right into the waiting fangs of The Viper and an RKO. The loss brought a smile to Bryan's face. How will The Big Red Monster respond this week? Tune in at 8/7 CT on USA Network to find out.

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