WWE Superstars tweet reactions to Brock Lesnar's "workplace invasion"

WWE Superstars tweet reactions to Brock Lesnar's "workplace invasion"

There are bad Mondays and there are bad Mondays, and the employees of WWE headquarters in Stamford, Conn., got a big dose of the latter when Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman darkened the door of Titan Tower unannounced, ostensibly to pay Triple H a visit of the most ominous kind. The sudden appearance of Heyman and “The Beast Incarnate” obviously put everybody on edge to begin with (naturally), but it was what happened next that really had the office — and the WWE Universe at large — abuzz, as Lesnar laid waste to The Game's office with a sledgehammer.

Watch Lesnar's rampage |  Photos of the invasion

The Anomaly’s rampage through the COO’s stomping grounds not only had Titan Tower employees on pins and needles all day, but it also provoked quite a reaction throughout the WWE locker room. Apart from Triple H, whose reaction was as fearless as one would expect, WWE Superstars past and present all had plenty to say about what is already being known as the “workplace invasion” of 2013.


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