Kiss and Tell: AJ Lee rates her WWE lip-locks

Kiss and Tell: AJ Lee rates her WWE lip-locks

A gentleman, as they say, never kisses and tells. Obviously, though, AJ Lee is no gentleman. No gentleman at all.

One of the most controversial figures in WWE in the past year thanks to her — erratic, let’s call it — behavior in the ring, the onetime “Geek Goddess” has also made a name for herself as something of a maneater, thanks to a series of increasingly bizarre flings with several of WWE’s most notable Superstars. In 2012 alone, Miss Lee could be seen on the arm of Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, John Cena and even Kane, depending on her mood that evening. Most recently, the former Raw General Manager decided to cap her romantic ventures by taking a walk on the wild side and hooking up with Dolph Ziggler, betraying Cena at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs and skipping straight into The Showoff’s chiseled embrace.

Again, mind you, that was all within a year. Therefore, in the spirit of nostalgia and in celebration of the Valentine’s season, asked AJ to sift through the trail of broken-hearted Superstars in her wake and rank her lip-locks from best to worst. Pucker up and get ready for the fireworks.

Daniel Bryan

AJ and Daniel Bryan journey into a bakery to find the ideal cake for their Raw 1,000 wedding: Exclusive - July 19, 2012

AJ and Daniel Bryan head to a bakery to prepare for their wedding.

It seems like a lifetime ago that AJ Lee first gained notice as arm candy to then–World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan. Truth be told, the AJ we know today was forged from the fires of that train-wreck relationship. What began as a heartwarming romance between a world-beating underdog and the one woman who believed in him turned sour fast; emboldened by the championship, Bryan became a legend in his own mind and turned AJ into his lap dog. Before long, she took up the role of human shield and, eventually, a submissive trophy gal who would parrot Bryan’s self-proclaimed status as a true champion and the world’s greatest lover.

It was Bryan’s dismissal of AJ following the catastrophe that cost him the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania XXVIII (Bryan was felled by a Sheamus Brogue Kick in 18 seconds after he made a show of stealing a “good luck kiss” from AJ on the apron) that kick-started the brazen independent streak that has come to define her. Despite her utter devotion to Bryan at the time, AJ understandably looks back on kissing her former fiancé through a less-than-rose-tinted window.

“Daniel Bryan has … kissing him was like … he kissed as if he had a grotesque beard at the time, and he didn’t,” AJ grimly told “It felt and tasted like that, but there was no beard. He was clean-shaven.”

The thing that really haunts AJ, though, was being one “I do” away from becoming Mrs. Daniel Bryan at Raw 1,000. “I almost married that,” she said in disbelief. “I almost married that beard. That could have been my beard for life, which is something I wake up in a cold sweat thinking about. Often.”

CM Punk

Kiss and Tell: AJ Lee rates her WWE lip-locks

This relationship surprised everyone, as AJ was still romantically entangled with Daniel Bryan when she set her sights on his then-rival, CM Punk. The WWE Universe was never quite sure if AJ’s affections for the former WWE Champion were genuine or just a way to get in Bryan’s head. Either way, the image of AJ smooching Punk before dropping him through a table was one of the more unforgettable moments of 2012, both for the WWE Universe and AJ herself.

“My Punky Bear. I’m pretty sure I accidentally stole his lip ring and had to return that later,” AJ said rather wistfully. “That was the kiss I was most nervous over, because I think I liked him the most at the time, and I had also just kissed somebody else.”

Though Punk didn’t seem to mind being the romantic third wheel, AJ still offered something of a belated apology for any awkwardness the sloppy-seconds kiss had caused between her and The Straight Edge Superstar. Being a true lady, she would not go so far as to name the third party in question. She did drop a subtle hint or two, though.

“[Punk] may have thought the kiss tasted a little like goat beard,” she said, “but that wasn’t my fault.”


CM Punk & AJ vs. Daniel Bryan & Kane: Raw, June 11, 2012

AJ adds more fuel to the fire when she teams with WWE Champion CM Punk against the team of Daniel Bryan & Kane.

OK, we thought CM Punk was the most surprising of AJ’s kisses … until Kane entered the picture. Seeing AJ leap willingly into the arms of The Devil’s Favorite Demon and plant a big ol’ smack on his lips is pretty much burned into our retinas for the remainder of time. The WWE Universe still isn’t sure why AJ would willingly add herself to Kane’s somewhat ill-fated laundry list of paramours, but the kiss certainly got everyone talking. In fact, the lip-lock was so bizarre, so left-field and so instantly iconic that she still gets tweeted about it today.

AJ’s analysis of it was appropriately strange as well. Even though The Big Red Monster gave AJ the heave-ho before their relationship could begin in earnest, it seems like the former Raw General Manager may still hold a bit of a candle for her evil ex-beau.

“Kissing Kane was probably the most interesting,” she said.  “I was out of breath from all the skipping and having to climb the mountain that is Kane. Whether we’re talking about the in-ring kiss or the kiss in the romantic, beautiful setting of the boiler room at No Way Out, I'd describe the kiss as tasting like fire, brimstone and the ingested souls of tiny orphans, in a good way. A really good way.”

John Cena

John Cena and AJ Lee kiss after Cena's victory over Dolph Ziggler: Raw, Nov. 26, 2012

The romance between John Cena and AJ Lee continues to blossom.

The now-infamous “did-they-or-didn’t-they” saga between AJ and John Cena was a scandal that threatened to consume Monday Night Raw throughout fall 2012. Vickie Guerrero ousted AJ from the Raw General Manager job by claiming she had inappropriately canoodled with the Cenation leader during a supposed business dinner. The relationship was never proven despite the hearsay and vague testimony called forth by Vickie, but Cena — who had been proclaiming his innocence all along — eventually rendered the point moot by kissing AJ just to annoy the newly appointed Raw Managing Supervisor.

AJ took the ball and ran with it, though, and so began her very odd, very short-lived relationship with the 10-time WWE Champion. Their fling ended about as catastrophically as possible – she threw him off a ladder, which puts most breakups in perspective. But AJ insisted to that Cena’s kissing skills were not part of the problem.

“You know, kissing John Cena felt like kissing America and every action hero ever,” she explained. “It was awesome, but he’s just a little vanilla for my taste. I like ’em a little different, a little weird. Clearly.”

Dolph Ziggler

AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler passionately kiss under the mistletoe: Raw, Dec. 24, 2012

AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler celebrate the Christmas holiday the only way "The Show-Off" and his new girlfriend can.

Apparently, saved the best for last, because when we asked AJ to describe snogging The Showoff she unleashed a breathless barrage of sweeping hyperbole so rapid-fire that we’re not quite sure what she was trying to say. We think we heard something about the ocean breeze, choirs of angels singing and the phrase “heat from my undercarriage” thrown out there at some point, though. We can’t be sure.

Thankfully, AJ took a second to collect herself, after which point she was all-too happy to expound upon Mr. Money in the Bank’s romantic prowess — which, evidently, is extensive.

“Clearly, the best kisser of all of them has to be Dolph,” said AJ, who also emphasized that Ziggler was more than just another fling, but the culmination of all her previous romantic misadventures. “I have experience in [judging kisses now]; it’s not something I had a year ago. I had my first kiss with Daniel Bryan, but clearly I just went up the ladder of kissing success. There’s no one I have more chemistry with than Dolph. He’s the best at everything. Everything.”

Well, you heard the lady, WWE Universe. In the hierarchy of kisses, Dolph Ziggler apparently reigns supreme. Surely, he won’t argue the point, and when it comes to AJ’s opinion … well, like she said, she knows what she’s talking about by now. Frankly, to doubt her at this juncture would be just plain crazy.

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