Who did you vote as naughty or nice in WWE?

Who did you vote as naughty or nice in WWE?

It’s Christmastime, and you know what that means. No, not Divas in Santa costumes — though that wasn't far removed at WWE TLC's live Pre-Show event. It means someone’s getting some coal in his or her stocking.

Full of brutal rivalries and confounding moral conundrums that pushed these ring warriors to their physical and mental limit, the past year has been a wild one for many of WWE’s Superstars. And, in their stress, it’s possible one or two of them toed the line a bit between naughty and nice. With all these extenuating circumstances, it’s tough to determine who’s getting a visit from Santa, so WWE.com is putting the fate of Christmas in your hands.

You, the WWE Universe, will get to cast a vote for 10 Superstars and Divas to determine the most admirable, most impish denizens of the ring. Pick a Superstar, send us your vote and then come back next week, when we’ll officially reveal the list on Thursday at noon ET.

As a bonus, we’ve even composed a little poem to get you in the Yuletide spirit. And, if we do say so ourselves, Clement Clarke Moore has nothing on us. *Ahem*…

’Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
From inside his workshop, jingling many a bell,
St. Nick sat there stressing, worried as hell.

For Christmas was coming, and it remained to be seen,
Just who had been good, and who had been mean.
It filled him with terror, it filled him with dread,
As visions of goat faces danced in his head.

The voting was tough, both the pro and the con.
“This simply won’t do, it cannot go on!”
Till a solution came to him, it was there all along:
“I’ll put it to a poll on WWE.com!”

So by order of Santa, that man with the hat,
Cast your votes here and now, cast all of them, stat!
And then the list will be posted and all will be right,
Merry voting to all, and to all a good night!

 Cast your Christmas votes now!

Who did you vote as naughty or nice in WWE?

Now it can be revealed: After a week's worth of voting from you, the WWE Universe, WWE.com has composed its definitive list of who was naughty and nice in 2012, as voted by you. The polls were close and the races tightly contested, but the WWE Universe came through in the clutch and made it a very interesting Christmas for our esteemed Superstars. So, without further ado, onto the list! And yes, there are more rhymes. Clement Clarke Moore still has nothing on us.

AJ Lee

AJ Lee vs. Vickie Guerrero: Raw, Dec. 10, 2012

AJ Lee looks to finally get some revenge on Vickie Guerrero.

Fiery, bold and a tad unstable,
AJ can’t be defined by just one label.
But to the WWE Universe, “nice” fits quite splendid,
(Those votes must have been cast before TLC ended.)

On pay-per-view, for the whole world to see,
AJ turned on John Cena — where’s the “Loyalty”?
But before that betrayal, thick as thieves they were,
And their frequent tongue-wrestling created a stir.

Prior to Cena, AJ didn’t refrain, 
From locking lips with Punk, D. Bryan and Kane.
A smooch even turned Bryan’s “yeses” to “nos!” 
When he fell to a Brogue Kick at The Show of Shows.

All was forgiven, it seemed, when Daniel sought her hand,
A Raw 1000 wedding? Why, that would be grand!
Once at the altar, AJ shifted her plan,
And accepted an offer from Mr. McMahon.

As GM of Raw, AJ embraced her new powers,
And revolutionized Raw as it went to three hours.
But at any one moment, she was likely to snap,
And greet even her friends with a blistering slap.

Don’t call her crazy; she’s “passionate,” some say.
She just doesn’t like people who get in her way. 
So despite AJ’s quirks and her habit of flipping, 
On the “nice” list she goes — now commence with the skipping!

Final verdict: NICE


Sheamus has fun with his Mattel "Brawlin' Buddies"

WWE Superstar Sheamus tries to use his Mattel "Brawlin' Buddies" to put a smile on Big Show.

So what now of Sheamus, the man with the Brogue?
That fun-loving lunk, that lovable rogue?
How did you respond, how did you react?
What did you all think of the big ginger snap?


Well it seems like you liked him, it seems he was kind,
It seems like he made Santa’s “nice” list this time.
And we can’t really blame you, we cannot protest
This calendar year was kind of his best.


He stood tall in the Rumble, hit hard with his kick
Became Heavyweight Champ in a mere 18 ticks.
He beat back Del Rio, that symbol of wealth,
He took on all comers, stood true to himself.


And when David Otunga had the stones to object,
Sheamus did just what you would expect.
He let loose big Brogue Kick, on that snide legal eagle,
Then sang out a verse of Hava Nagila.


And yes it’s true there, he got carried away,
But it’s tough to begrudge him his hooligan ways
He worked hard to get here, he paid his due price,
Plus Vince does hate lawyers, so we guess he’s been nice.

Final verdict: NICE

Randy Orton

Randy Orton vs. Brad Maddox: Raw, Dec. 3, 2012

Randy Orton faces Brad Maddox and then suffers a pack-like assault from The Shield.

They call him The Viper, who strikes at his prey,
So why is he “nice” at the end of the day?
It’s not like he’s “jolly” or “festive,” you know.
And it’s not as though serpents take kindly to snow.


In 2012 Orton had plenty of foes,
From Bryan to Barrett — you know how it goes.
Del Rio and Ziggler both felt Orton’s rage,
As did the monstrous Kane on The Grandest Stage.


Did Orton make any friends? Not really, not quite.
But when has he ever? He’d rather just fight.
Who knows what goes on inside of his head,
No sugarplums there, just voices instead.


Orton’s actions are vicious, his gaze cold as ice,
So what about this serpentine Superstar is “nice”?
Perhaps it’s the way he gets fans on their feet,
By pummeling those that deserve to get beat.


Your votes say that Orton’s as good as they come,
Deserving of gifts of immeasurable sum.
If Santa forgets him, prepare for a show,
As St. Nicholas falls to an RKO! 

Final Verdict: NICE

Dolph Ziggler

AJ attacks Dolph Ziggler in the locker room: Raw, Nov. 19, 2012

AJ attacks Dolph Ziggler in the locker room.

He’s stealing your girlfriends as well as the show,
Dolph Ziggler’s a name that you probably know.
A boaster, a braggart and all-around cad,
Ziggler seems to believe that it’s good to be bad.


When it comes to his virtues, we’re drawing a blank,
About the guy now known as “Mr. Money in the Bank.”
That coveted prize, oh, what does it mean?
Dolph could be World Champion in 2013.


The power and glory and fame are in reach,
Just like Dolph’s signature bottle of bleach.
His blond hair’s as bright as his future, you see,
Which he just might be sharing with AJ Lee.


It was AJ who made Dolph’s whole holiday season,
When she turned on John Cena for a most bizarre reason.
Like AJ, Dolph loves the spotlight, he loves to turn heads,
Through despicable actions and outrageous threads.


Is Dolph “naughty”? Of course, and he’s proud of that fact,
It’s not like an ego is something he’s lacked.
There’s a motto he’s had since he was a pup,
“It’s not showing off if you back it up.”

Final Verdict: NAUGHTY


Highlights of Kane and Daniel Bryan's attempt to hug it out: SmackDown, Sept. 7, 2012

Kane and Daniel Bryan attempt to hug it out on Raw.

Judging this next one is no easy task,
For we’ve come now to Kane, the man in the mask.
It’s been a strange year for The Deadman’s young bro,
From embracing the hate to forming Team Hell No.


It’s tough to approve of Kane’s earlier whims,
His wholehearted embrace of the hatred within.
Threw Zack off the stage, but that didn’t suffice,
He snatched Cowboy Bob, and put his papa on ice.


But the past is the past, what’s done has been done,
And it seems now that Kane is the likeable one.
For our voters love friendship, they love that he’s tryin’
To be a good pal to that nut Daniel Bryan.


He made out with AJ, he fought off The Shield,
He talked out his issues ‘till his anger had healed.
He made friends with his foes, and he gave Edge a hug,
That’s quite a big deal for our devilish lug.


So despite that one time he dragged Ryder to hell,
It looks as though things have turned out quite well
For all is forgiven, the past is erased,
It really is tough to stay mad at that face.

Final verdict: NICE

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan talks about being ready to hug it out with Kane: WWE.com Exclusive, September 3, 2012

Daniel Bryan talks to WWE.com about being ready to hug it out with, as well as being "Mr. Hug It Out."

Yes, it’s that time in our big Christmas vote,
Yes it’s the man with the face of a goat.
Yes it’s that time, we’re sure we ain’t lyin’
Yes it’s that time to review Daniel Bryan.


Yes he’s a fighter, and yes he’s got heart,
Yes he fought back from his year’s iffy start,
Yes, he’s real tough, this we cannot deny.
Yes he’s impressive, but not a nice guy.


Yes D-Bry his skills, we certainly know,
Yes he let his gal get run over by Show.
Yes when he fought Punk, he never once faltered,
Yes, he got totally dumped at the altar.


Yes, he’s been better since teaming with Kane,
Yes, to be honest, he’s still quite insane.
Yes, he still thinks he’s great, no argument there
Yes, he thinks “YES!” should have beat out Ric Flair.


Yes he may have got better, but there’s still ways to go,
Yes he’s still has a gigantic ego.
Yes, he’s much cooler and his teamwork still grows,
But does that make him nice? Hmm, how about, “NO!”

Final verdict: NAUGHTY


Eve poses for a picture with a defeated Alicia Fox: Raw, December 10, 2012

After successfully defending the Divas Title against Alicia Fox, Eve asks the ringside photographer to take her picture with the loser.

Beautiful, smart and at times downright vile,
Eve will tear out your still-beating heart with a smile.
Just ask Zack Ryder, who succumbed to her charm,
And “Woo Woo Woo’d” his way right into harm.


At WrestleMania, Zack fought on the side of Team Teddy,
To celebrate in Miami, Zack was probably ready. 
But the temptress betrayed Zack, she was playing a trick,
Crushing Ryder (and his “Broskis”) with a painful kick.


Attention Eve craved, she was always persistent,
And would somehow become Booker T’s assistant. 
She abused her power, you’ll probably remember,
to become Divas Champion back in September.


From hobbling Kaitlyn to bending the rules,
Eve never stops plotting — she takes us for fools! 
But in casting your votes, you can all do the mocking,
Ensuring Eve gets loads of coal in her stocking!

Final verdict: NAUGHTY

The Miz

Team Rhodes Scholars appear on "Miz TV": Raw, Dec. 10, 2012

Team Rhodes Team Rhodes Scholars appear on "Miz TV" and ends up engaging in a heated war of words with The Miz.

He’s the host with the most, he’s the man with the plan,
The most must-see man in all of the land.
That trendy trenchcoat and that scraggly beard,
What did you all think of The Miz’s past year?


Was he nice or a jerk? Was he cool or a tool?
Did he treat his fans right or play them for fools?
Well, despite all his faults and his general snideness,
You voted his year as one filled with kindness.


Because although he was kind of a goon at the start,
It looks as though kindness crept into his heart.
For in recent months we’ve shockingly seen,
A version of Miz that’s a whole lot less mean.


He says haters heart him, but the others do, too
From Cleveland, Ohio, to far Timbuktu.
A man of the people, he’s truly must-see
This Triple Crown Champ for you and for me.


So it looks like the people have really come ’round,
To the fan-friendly attitude Miz has just found.
And now it is time to let the love blossom,
At last, at long last, we say you are AAAAWEEEESSOOOMMMMEEEE!!!!!!

Final verdict: NICE

John Cena

John Cena explains giving Ryback an opportunity to face CM Punk at Hell in a Cell: Raw, Oct. 22, 2012

John Cena says a change is coming.

Has John Cena been nice? It’s what you’d expect.
He embodies “Hustle, Loyalty and Respect.”
When the year began, he had a lot on his plate,
As Kane urged the hero to embrace the hate.

Cena didn’t, of course, and instead rose above,
He can rarely be stopped, when push comes to shove.
But at ’Mania, he suffered defeat to The Rock,
And the next night found himself in the sights of Brock.

After conquering Lesnar, Cena was man of the hour,
His next big opponent was “People Power.”
Thanks to John Cena, Laurinaitis’ career had expired,
Ending with two simple words: “You’re fired!”

From Punk to Dolph Ziggler to the massive Big Show,
Cena’s long list of rivals continues to grow.
And although he cavorted with AJ Lee
That came to an end at WWE TLC.

A shocking betrayal! Speculation abounds!
But “Never Give Up” is as real as it sounds.
Cena’s always the soldier, he will persevere,
That’s why he belongs on the “nice” list this year!

Final verdict: NICE

CM Punk

Mr. McMahon vs. CM Punk: Raw, Oct. 8, 2012

CM Punk looks to beat the respect out of Mr. McMahon.

And now for the champ these past 400 days,
The Best in the World, or so goes the praise
Punk is this man’s name, it starts with CM
The Voice of the Voiceless, at least if you ask him.


So what did you think of the man with the tats?
Who lives for a fight and thrives on his spats?
Well despite his achievements and all of his work,
You voted Punk naughty, it seems he’s a jerk.


We’re sure he will say it’s mere disrespect,
The Universe, though, would have to object.
For despite Punk’s good start to 2012,
Since Raw 1,000 it's all gone to hell.


He beat up The Rock, he beat up on Lawler,
It seems like his heart just kept growing smaller.
And while it’s a bit harsh, we’re confident sayin’,
Ain’t nobody's nice who teams with Paul Heyman.


He’s a prickly fellow, and not all that quaint,
A Saint in name only, ’cause nice? That he ain’t.
So this year for Christmas, in your stockings and bunk,
It’s coal that you’re getting, mean old CM Punk.

Final verdict: NAUGHTY

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