What's Dolph waiting for?

What's Dolph waiting for?

For a Superstar who fancies himself WWE’s resident Showoff, Dolph Ziggler certainly has been shy about cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. The self-proclaimed “Boast Master General” earned the coveted contract at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view more than four months ago. During that time, the World Heavyweight Championship has been in the sizable hands of Sheamus and, more recently, Big Show, each of whom has appeared vulnerable to a cash-in effort while holding the title. All of which begs the question: What exactly is Ziggler waiting for?

For starters, Ziggler probably has a good memory. He remembers well his epic battles with The Celtic Warrior and the resilience he displayed. He knows that even when Sheamus is down, he’s rarely ever out. And the last thing Ziggler wants is to repeat John Cena’s unprecedented failure to capitalize after cashing in, which Cena did on Raw’s 1,000th episode. Ziggler may be smarmy, but he’s also smart.

As for the current World Heavyweight Champion, Big Show was severely hamstrung at Survivor Series when, after defeating Sheamus in a title match, the Irishman mercilessly pummeled The World’s Largest Athlete with a steel chair. As Big Show lied helplessly on the entrance ramp, why did Ziggler not run out to ringside, briefcase in hand, and summon a referee to start the match? Again, Ziggler is no fool. He knew full well it would have been near impossible for him to maneuver an uncooperative 441-pound frame into the ring. If Big Show ever finds himself lying unconscious on the canvas, though, chances are Ziggler will pounce. ( PHOTOS: BIG SHOW VS. SHEAMUS)

Physical limitations aside, could The Showoff simply be too distracted by the "AJ Scandal"? After all, over the past several weeks, Ziggler has embroiled himself in controversy, antagonizing AJ Lee and getting into scrapes with Cena, her alleged paramour. With his former manager, Vickie Guerrero, continuing to stir the pot, it’s unlikely Ziggler will untangle himself from the scandal any time soon – perhaps much to the detriment of his title aspirations. ( WATCH: AJ ATTACKS DOLPH)

Whatever Ziggler’s motivation, the world will continue to watch and to speculate. And perhaps that’s all the flashy Superstar wants: more attention. But even Ziggler has to know the surest avenue to attention is capturing the World Heavyweight Championship. 

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