The "AJ Scandal": Vickie Guerrero speaks

AJ Lee resigns as Raw General Manager; Vickie Guerrero named Managing Supervisor: Raw, Oct. 22, 2012

AJ Lee steps down as General Manager of Raw.

It’s good to be the queen — err, Managing Supervisor.

Whatever the title, it’s safe to say this has been the best week Vickie Guerrero’s had in a good, long while considering she was handpicked by Mr. McMahon to take up the reins for the ousted Raw General Manager AJ Lee this past Monday night. Forced into resignation in the face of allegations she “fraternized” with John Cena, the word “goodbye” had barely gotten out of AJ’s mouth before Vickie was named Managing Supervisor of the red brand. True to form, The Queen Diva wasted no time in rubbing the allegations in AJ’s face, which led to a minor spat between the two.

If the tussle rained on Vickie’s parade, though, she certainly did a good job hiding it. Vickie was positively giddy later in the night as she packed up AJ’s boots, and especially when she sat down with for a phone interview to address her return to power (remember, she was a GM for a while), the “AJ scandal” and why she owes Cena and AJ one. Vickie, first off, thank you for taking the time to speak with We know that as the new Managing Supervisor of Raw, you’re having a very busy week.

VICKIE: And soon to be General Manager. May I make myself clear? I’m working to be the Raw General Manager, so let’s just get that out in the open. Fair enough. But speaking of this week, we couldn’t help but notice your heated Twitter exchange with John Cena concerning the “AJ scandal.”

VICKIE: Yes, and did you notice I thanked her for my job? Because without AJ and John, I wouldn’t have this position today. I’m so grateful for them. What great people. Because of their fraternization, this opportunity opened for me. I’m just going to be forever grateful to both of them. Speaking of that fraternization, you revealed on Twitter that you had evidence and that you would reveal it on Raw. Could you give us some kind of indication as to what type of evidence this is?

VICKIE: This evidence is going to be incontrovertible. I mean, let’s face it. Visual evidence, which everyone will see on Monday, is going to prove my point and show the true colors of AJ.

I’m so glad that the Board of Directors has gotten to see me for the person that I am. I do have experience and I do have the expertise that AJ doesn’t because she’s very young and immature. I’m glad they put a real woman in this position.

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