The AJ Scandal: Did AJ have an affair?

AJ Lee resigns as Raw General Manager; Vickie Guerrero named Managing Supervisor: Raw, Oct. 22, 2012

AJ Lee steps down as General Manager of Raw.

Could a simple "business dinner" between two "friends" have really hurled one Diva into instant dishonor and rocked Monday night's flagship show to its very foundations? 

On the Oct. 22 edition of Raw, General Manager AJ Lee was suddenly forced to step down from her leadership position by the WWE Board of Directors for "fraternizing with a WWE Superstar." When AJ revealed that the Superstar in question was none other than John Cena, the 12-time World Champion himself - as well as the WWE Universe - seemed to be absolutely floored by the news. ( POLL: ARE THE ACTIONS AGAINST AJ JUSTIFIED?)

While Cena instantly finds himself caught in an awkward spotlight amid AJ's scandal, the future of the now-disgraced Diva seems as dark as it is uncertain. ( WATCH AS CENA TRIED TO CONSOLE AJ)

Since first stepping into a WWE ring, AJ's life has been turned completely upside down. Through it all, the spitfire competitor's personal relationships have always walked hand in hand with her emergence as a prominent player in the WWE.

Even as Raw General Manager, AJ's motivation was constantly brought into question by the likes of Punk and his associate Paul Heyman, who claimed that The Second City Saint rejecting her marriage proposal caused her to make decisions against the WWE Champion.  

Regardless of whether AJ's involvement with Cena is as innocent as they both claim, there is no denying that the many exploits of the spirited Diva has ruffled a lot of features. As a result, one has to wonder if there is anyone she can truly count on in the locker room now that she has been pushed off her lofty perch. Moreover, with her adversary Vickie Guerrero now Managing Supervisor of Raw, will AJ even be part of that locker room any longer?

The controversy surrounding AJ Lee's resignation from Raw continues to run wild. And there is no telling how and when she will land on her feet. ( POLL: ARE THE ACTIONS AGAINST AJ JUSTIFIED?)

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