Arnold Schwarzenegger brings the heat as Social Media Ambassador on Raw

Arnold Schwarzenegger brings the heat as Social Media Ambassador on Raw

He always said he'd be back, and on Monday, Arnold Schwarzenegger made his grand return to WWE as the Social Media Ambassador for Monday Night Raw. Hot off the heels of the release of his highly anticipated autobiography, "Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story," The Governator brought his unique blend of wit, insight and honesty to the Twitterverse when he took to the keyboard to offer commentary on the comings and goings of WWE Superstars. Suffice it to say, the former governor's tweets were every bit as entertaining as the man himself, from his back-and-forth with Dolph Ziggler (READ MORE: ARNOLD'S TWITTER BATTLE WITH ZIGGLER) to his pulse-pounding commentary on the CM Punk–Mr. McMahon showdown that brought the night to a close. Here are Arnold's tweets for The Day After Raw.

@Schwarzenegger: @WWE I'm pumped to be the Social Media Ambassador for RAW and watch with the rest of the @WWEUniverse 
@Schwarzenegger: @JohnCena and Ryback! Face to face at last! It’s like Conan meeting the Terminator! #WWE #RAW 
@Schwarzenegger: Everyone, everywhere, stand up and applaud. Mr. McMahon is on the TV. #WWE #RAW 
@Schwarzenegger: McMahon vs. @CMPunk??? I will DEFINITELY be back to see that! #WWE #RAW 
@Schwarzenegger: You're looking pumped, but you don't really want my answer. @DavidOtunga: @Schwarzenegger Who wins this pose down? (Ed. note: Whoa.)
@Schwarzenegger: Really thought we were about to see the World’s Largest Brogue Kick. @WWESheamus needs to regroup. #WWE #RAW 
@Schwarzenegger: What’s that horrible noise? Oh, it’s Vickie Guerrero. Thank goodness, I thought an animal was dying an agonizing death in my yard. #WWE #RAW 
@Schwarzenegger: Oh, here comes my dear friend @HEELZiggler to do the "5th" best thing he does. For once I'll keep the Show-On, to watch him lose. #WWE #RAW 
@Schwarzenegger: @HEELZiggler it's ok. Everyone has an OFF night once in a while. Hit the book for some extra inspiration. #totalrecallbook #WWE #RAW 
@Schwarzenegger: @KingsThings wife really put the smackdown on @MikeTheMiz! Happy birthday! Put a candle in that. #WWE #RAW 
‏@Schwarzenegger: The moment we’ve all been waiting for, Mr. McMahon vs. @CMPunk! Sit back and relax, this is going to be one for the ages. #WWE #RAW
@Schwarzenegger: Who will it be, @WWEUniverse? @JohnCena or Ryback in Hell in a Cell? I can’t wait to find out... #WWE #RAW


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