Would Wade Barrett reform The Nexus?

Would Wade Barrett reform The Nexus?

After more than six months away, Wade Barrett is back. More vicious than ever, the rekindled Barrett Barrage has already torn through Yoshi Tatsu and Justin Gabriel. Brutally demonstrating he has “reignited the flame,” Barrett is again ready to make major waves in WWE.

During his beat down of Gabriel on the Sept. 17 episode of Raw, the bare-knuckle brawler showed no mercy as he brutalized his former Nexus cohort. The savagery he unloaded on his high-flying opponent was shocking, but also noteworthy was the fact that the WWE Universe broke out in chants of, “We want Nexus!”  during the match. ( WATCH)

WWE fans clearly remember Barrett’s impressive run as leader of the breakaway faction composed of the disgruntled NXT season one Rookies. With Barrett at the helm, The Nexus debuted in June 2010 and proceeded to wreak havoc on WWE for months on end. Following the demise of the menacing force in December 2010, the tenacious Barrett went on to lead a Nexus splinter cell, The Corre, for six months before going his own way.

Barrett has said he’s back to make a splash in WWE. To that end, would he reform The Nexus? Could the WWE Universe chanting “We want Nexus!” be a harbinger of things to come?

A resurrected faction like Nexus could help take Barrett to the next level. When you consider the experience that the dangerous grouping has accrued on their own since going their separate ways, a siege could prove to be more effective than ever. Barrett has always been a natural leader, and many of his greatest successes corresponded with his role at the head of a likeminded group. If not Nexus, perhaps he could reunite The Corre or assemble a new group from other discontent Superstars on WWE’s roster?

While he’s enjoyed immense success in his brief WWE tenure as Intercontinental Champion and NXT season one winner, Barrett has never won a World Title or assumed the position of “alpha dog” of WWE. A resurfacing of the yellow and black armbands could very well propel Barrett to WWE’s summit.

After all, The Nexus has many successful alumni currently in WWE, from Gabriel to David Otunga to Darren Young. With the emergence of The Prime Time Player, Titus O’Neil might be a possibility by association. Even WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan was a member of the original Nexus. Likewise, The Corre was composed of Ezekiel Jackson, Heath Slater and Gabriel — all three still on the roster. The old phrase “if they’re not with you, they’re against you” comes to mind, as those could be very useful allies in Barrett’s quest for WWE prominence.

Yet, as enticing as the reformed alliance might seem, there is no denying that Barrett is more vicious, ruthless and determined than ever, and it could be as good a time as any for the British Superstar to just be a lone wolf. With his retooled arsenal of high impact, bare-knuckle moves, he might not need any help after all. If it’s any indication, his “reunion” with Gabriel on Raw was quick, decisive and painfully in favor of the British brawler.

No matter where Wade Barrett goes from here — whether that is leading a reunited Nexus, teaming up with new allies or forging ahead as a solitary agent of brutality — it is clear the Barrett Barrage is back in business. And business is booming.

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