Brock Lesnar leaves WWE

Brock Lesnar leaves WWE

Shortly after kicking off Monday night's Raw, Brock Lesnar revealed on Tout that he's leaving WWE.

"I came here and accomplished everything that I said I was going to do," Lesnar proclaimed in his Tout. "There's nothing left for me here to conquer. I'm leaving WWE and I'm never coming back."

Brock's bombshell came less than 24 hours after his punishing win over Triple H at SummerSlam, a clash that saw The King of Kings suffer a broken arm from his fearsome opponent's Kimura Lock.

Earlier on Raw, Lesnar's representative, Paul Heyman, recounted the destruction left in his client's wake at The Biggest Event of the Summer as questions continued to swirl around The Game's future as a WWE competitor.

Lesnar's final act before leaving the ring was to tell WWE official Scott Armstrong he did a "good job" for letting Brock's battle with Triple H rage on with no disqualifications. But little did the WWE Universe know that Lesnar planned to leave WWE for good after his appearance on Raw.

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