Was Big Show right to abandon Big Johnny?

Was Big Show right to abandon Big Johnny?

Big Show is done taking orders from Big Johnny.

John Laurinaitis tasked The World's Largest Athlete to help him get revenge on John Cena on Raw SuperShow, but Show left the former Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and General Manager of both Raw and SmackDown high and dry, refusing to participate in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match with Laurinaitis and David Otunga against Cena.

The lopsided contest was supposed to be an opportunity for Laurinaitis to go out on a high note in his final act as General Manager. Instead, Big Johnny looked like a big chump as Otunga deserted him as well, followed by three painful farewell Attitude Adjustments from the triumphant Cenation leader.

Was The World's Largest Athlete wrong for looking out for No. 1? Or should he have remained loyal to the man who brought him back to WWE with a new, multi-million dollar ironclad contract?  

Let's not forget that it was Laurinaitis who fired Big Show in humiliating fashion on the May 14 Raw SuperShow ( WATCH | PHOTOS). "Mr. Excitement" showed no mercy when he left the 7-foot Superstar sobbing in the center of the ring, then only rehired him to serve his own means and avoid losing to Cena at WWE Over the Limit. If Laurinaitis suffered defeat in that matchup, his reign as General Manager and Executive Vice President of Talent Relations would have been a month shorter, but a mighty WMD from Show breathed new life into the "People Power" campaign ( PHOTOS). If anything, Laurinaitis should be thanking Big Show for extending his grace period, not saddling him with another "job" as he makes his ignominious exit.

Then again, it's worth noting that all the freedom Big Show has enjoyed since his return to WWE – the ability to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, to whoever he wants – was possible solely because of that ironclad contract Laurinaitis gave him. Without the generous provisions in that contract, Show also wouldn't have the ability to take time off whenever he feels like, just as he did when he bailed on his former boss Monday night ( WATCH | PHOTOS).

Regardless of how you feel about Show turning his back on Laurinaitis, it's crystal clear he's not the only Superstar who bounced his loyalty to the former GM like a bad check. For all the support he received along the way, in the end, there was no one – not even his trusted legal counsel – to save Big Johnny from further embarrassment and defend the name of "People Power." 

John Cena vs. David Otunga & John Laurinaitis - 2-on-1 Handicap Match: Raw, June 18, 2012

John Cena gets his hands on John Laurinaitis during the main event of Raw.

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