The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for June 12, 1012

The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for June 12, 1012

Well. That was ... unexpected. 

AJ shocked the WWE Universe into a spasm of "YES! YES! YES!" chants when she leaped into the arms of Kane during a Mixed Tag Team Match, and planted a long smooch on The Big Red Monster that sent him stumbling out of the ring in a daze and leaving his partner, Daniel Bryan, to suffer the fate of WWE Champion CM Punk's flying elbow. And that wasn't even the most shocking thing on Monday night's three-hour Raw SuperShow, which saw the return of a classic Raw Superstar as well as Mr. McMahon himself, who made quite the remarkable reappearance on his first Raw in nearly a year. It's safe to say The Boss hasn't lost a step in the interim, though we really do wish we had heard his famous catchphrase before Big Show ... erm, interrupted The Chairman. We're still kind of hung up on that kiss, though, so without further ado, here are your tweets for The Day After Raw.

He's not a man, he's a lovin' machine

Kane relishes in referring to himself as a monster, but we're pretty sure his heart grew three sizes after AJ gave him a long, passionate kiss in the middle of the ring Monday night. The WWE Universe seemed to love it, in any case, judging by the "YES! YES! YES!" chants that ensued. And although Kane himself didn't have much of a reaction beyond utter shock, the same cannot be said for all our devoted tweeters out there. Suffice it to say, a lot of people wished they were The Big Red Machine Monday night.

CM Punk & AJ vs. Daniel Bryan & Kane: Raw, June 11, 2012

AJ adds more fuel to the fire when she teams with WWE Champion CM Punk against the team of Daniel Bryan & Kane.

@FazSpaz: Damn, I wish I was Kane. Why is @WWEAJLee so #cute? #WWE #RAW
‏@BhouseCaKe: Now everybody knows how to protect themselves from Kane. Big Red Love Machine. #Raw
@LondonMWilliams: #RAW I just realized Kane gets all the crazy chicks.
@TheEricWinters: #RAW I never wanted to be Kane so bad in my life
‏@deadsnoopy: Kane....AJ....SLOBBERKNOCKER! #WWE #Raw
@shadowwhite50: Next thing you know, AJ has on a Kane mask by next week xD #RAW
@SupportTheMiz: My face when AJ kissed Kane: (`o`)/ #RAW
‏@rossedge123: Kane is WWE biggest Playa #RAW
‏@IamMaatthew: I didn't see this. Kane is embracing the love! HAHA! #RAW


Moves like McMahon

All together now: "No chance! That's what you've got ..."

Sorry. We've been waiting to do that for a long time. In any case, Mr. McMahon made his long-awaited return last night and blood was in the water as The Chairman made it clear that he was in town for one reason only: to relieve John Laurinaitis of his job as the General Manager of both Raw and SmackDown. Even so, that didn't stop The Boss from reconnecting with Hornswoggle (remember when we thought he was his son?), absconding with Laurinaitis' scooter and getting down with his bad self alongside The Funkadactyls. Of course, The Chairman's plan to eighty-six Mr. Excitement didn't exactly go as planned, when a wayward WMD from Big Show sent Mr. McMahon down for the count, and allowed "People Power" to keep chugging on.

Mr. McMahon gets down with Cameron & Naomi: Raw, June 11, 2012

Mr. McMahon shows off his dance moves for Naomi & Cameron.

@BromynameisJack: Vince McMahon > Everyone. #WWE #RAW.
@BreakdownBrand: Vince McMahon hasn't aged since 1983. #Raw
‏@jasonbarglen: Fun fact: Vince McMahon is the creator of the Haters Gonna Hate walk. #VincentKMcSwag #WWE #RAW
‏@darkbrother21: @WWE #Raw I wish Mr. McMahon brought out the garbage truck...maybe johnny ace can join Eric Bishoff in there!!!
‏@MarkinOut: We got Vince McMahon, more matches than promos in the 1st hr, intergender tags, a cage match, Ryder & William Regal? I LOVE THIS! #RAW #WWE
@JmarksPHD: Vince McMahon has died for the unprecedented 87th time... #RAW
@FrankWWEClown: Oh my funking god. Move over Stone Cold, CM Punk, & Dwayne, Vince McMahon & the Funkadactyls just had the best segment in #RAW history. #WWE
‏@BitterOldJoe: Vince is killing it on Raw. KILLING. #Raw
‏@PeteMMA: Technically Vince McMahon is a former world champion so he should have been in the #1 contender's match. #raw
‏@egarcia16: Johnny Ace doesn't appreciate what Vince did to his scooter, nor do I. #raw #PEOPLEPOWER

Vader Time is on our side

It's time! It's time! For one night, the WWE Universe switched the clocks back to Vader Time! The masked WWE legend returned as part of Mr. Laurinaitis' plan to bring back a former Raw main eventer each week leading up to the 1,000th episode on July 23rd. The Mastodon looked as dominant as ever as he decimated Heath Slater, finally flattening The One Man Southern Rock Band with the patented Vader Bomb, and sending the WWE Universe home feeling like it was 1996 again.

Vader vs. Heath Slater: Raw, June 11, 2012

Vader returns to Raw.

@Dejay11chris: Oh it's time! It's time! It's Vader time! Yeah...three hours later and I'm still marking for Vader, one of my all time favorites. #Raw
‏@Zach_pusAfella: Felt like a kid again when Vader showed up tonight at WWE #RAW. So many memories watching him, never thought I'd see him in person.
‏@RowdyEddiePiper: It's time!! It's Vader Time!!! He's still got it!!! #RAW
‏@BigArikRoyal: VADER ON #RAW! #YESYESYES @theAdamPage
‏@HobsonLopes: Of Course, the one #Raw I don't attend at @XLcenter, I miss seeing Vader live
‏@TheColTim: Nothing But RESPECT #VADER@WWE#RAW
‏@newstouse: thank you #WWE for bringing back #Vader if just for one night!! #RAW
@Bizzoholic: @t_villa LMAOOOOO its not 1150pm... Its Vader Time! #Raw #WWE
‏@gog382: VADER returning to #Raw > Kings winning the Cup. #ITSTIME

The best of the rest

Elsewhere on Twitter, Curt Hawkins aired his gripes against Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan got a few choice words in on Mr. McMahon, and one unsuspecting Superstar got exposed for the Belieber he truly is. Here's the best of the rest from the WWE Universe.

Layla & Santino Marella vs. Beth Phoenix & Ricardo Rodriguez - Mixed Tag Team Match: Raw, June 11, 2012

The United States & Divas Champions team up to take on their No Way Out opponents in a Mixed Tag Team Match.

‏@JoeyStyles: OMG! @TheCurtHawkins new tights are neon green, neon pink and neon orange! Are Hawkins and @Tyler_Reks Big Johnny's #NewDynamicDudes? #RAW
‏@PhenomTaker87: Too bad Little Jimmy wasn't quick enough to deflect Big Show's punch @WWE #Raw @RonKillings
‏@HippyVentura: Big Show Droppin' Fools #RAW
‏@mcknightlm: Tonight, I give #RAW 3 YES's. Ziggler got a title shot, we saw Vader, VKM danced, and RIP to The People Power Scooter.
‏@AllyKeyoni: Daniel Bryan telling off Vince...Me Gusta. #RAW
‏@TheCurtHawkins: Seriously, who gets their own lighting? #Raw
‏@kikrusher99: Hellava match Ziggler and Christian are putting on here. Glad Ziggler just won #Raw
‏@SaG_2MetroState: @ZackRyder Don't worry Zack. The Ryder or Riot signs will be in full force July 9th in Denver for #Raw #WWWYKI #RYDERORRIOT
‏@StevieChanMan: First Zack Ryder appearance now William Regal? #SSSIIICCCKKK! #Raw
‏@angelheart5112: Laughing so hard, because Ricardo is a Bieber fan (: #RAW

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