Is this the most dangerous Big Show has ever been?

Is this the most dangerous Big Show has ever been?

The WWE Universe was left stunned when Raw SuperShow drew to a close Monday night, as a result of the carnage left in the wake of Big Show. The World’s Largest Athlete absolutely decimated Brodus Clay, leveling him with a devastating spear, laying into The Funkasaurus with blow after blow before assaulting him with the leg of the announcer’s table. Big Show finished the attack by knocking Clay out cold with the Weapon of Mass Destruction. ( PHOTOS)

The Funkasaurus is undefeated since his debut in January, going 22-0 in televised matches. This was the first time Clay had stood toe-to-toe with someone bigger than him, and though their match never started, Big Show manhandled a Superstar who stands 6’7” and weighs nearly 400 pounds. ( WATCH)

And if that wasn’t enough, The World’s Largest Athlete also took out R-Truth and Kofi Kingston, the reigning WWE Tag Team Champions. The pair tried to use their aerial abilities to take the giant down, but Big Show countered their high-flying attacks, tossing Kingston through a ringside barricade and sending Truth crashing into the steel stairs at ringside. Big Show’s total destruction of three top WWE Superstars follows his two brutal knockouts of John Cena. This new fire from the recently rehired giant has left many wondering if this is the most dangerous Big Show the WWE Universe has ever seen.

Since his WWE debut in 1999, when he threw “Stone Cold” Steve Austin through a steel cage, Big Show has shown flashes of the mayhem he can create. At Elimination Chamber in February, when he was fed up with the antics of Daniel Bryan, the giant broke through the steel chain ceiling of Bryan’s pod to get him. Big Show then used his unbelievable power to throw Bryan through the pod’s door.

However, the giant revealed his motives in earning the cheers of the WWE Universe over the years were simply business. He showed his true colors when he helped John Laurinaitis defeat Cena last week. Big Show is no longer worried about pleasing anyone, which potentially makes him the most dangerous Superstar in WWE. 

Is this the most dangerous Big Show has ever been?

He won’t have to worry about any repercussions, either. Laurinaitis is unlikely to do anything about Show’s vicious attacks. This is after all, the man who unleashed Brock Lesnar on WWE last month, letting him steamroll over Cena and break the arm of WWE COO Triple H without so much as a slap on the wrist.

Though most are appalled by Big Show’s change of heart, there is a vocal minority on Twitter, Facebook and who feel Big Show may be justified in the extreme actions he took Monday night. The World’s Largest Athlete was at his most vulnerable several weeks ago, literally brought to his knees in tears at the prospect of losing his livelihood. The towering giant was humbled, reduced to begging Laurinaitis for his job, and then embarrassed when the General Manager still fired him in front of millions.

If that wasn’t enough to enrage Big Show, he had to watch Clay lead a dance party in the ring with Truth and Kingston just minutes after he was fired. The tears hadn’t even dried on the canvas that they were dancing on. The reality that Big Show’s career was over hadn’t even settled in and the WWE Universe, along with Superstars he considered friends, had already moved on to getting down with The Funkasaurus.

With a sweetheart deal from Laurinaitis guaranteeing his financial security, The World’s Largest Athlete is finally free to unleash his Weapon of Mass Destruction on anyone and everyone who stands in his path. He made examples of Clay, R-Truth and Kingston on Raw. He claims that Cena will see the real Big Show when they meet in a Steel Cage Match at No Way Out. ( PREVIEW) If that’s the case, Cena may not see him for long if the 7’0”, 441-pound behemoth can land his cannonball-like fist yet again.

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