10 twins we want to see in WWE

10 twins we want to see in WWE

WWE is feeling just a little less magical these days. That's because the Divas who brought us Twin Magic – Brie and Nikki Bella – were fired by Executive Administrator Eve during Raw SuperShow.

The Bellas could be remembered as the greatest twin Divas to ever step into the squared circle. Both Nikki and Brie won the Divas Championship and brought a unique two-of-a-kind flair that kept the WWE Universe constantly guessing (how to tell them apart). Yet now that they're gone, who can fill the void and provide an additional double-dose of excitement in WWE?

WWE.com searched far and wide to come up with a dream list of 10 twin pairings we want to see next in WWE. Identical, fraternal, even sororal – they're all welcome in our eclectic mix of selections.

Becky and Jessie O'Donohue

10 twins we want to see in WWE

Beauty, athleticism and charisma – the O'Donohue twins have the whole package. The identical twin sisters from New York both played Division I basketball at Niagara University (where Becky was also all-state in volleyball and captain of both teams), so high-flying maneuvers in WWE could come natural to them. Becky was the one who garnered mainstream attention when she competed as a semi-finalist on the fifth season of "American Idol," though both sisters have appeared together in various films and TV shows, including "ER," "Fear Factor," and the hit comedy "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry." Becky recently brought the voice of Siri, Apple's virtual assistant, to life on an episode of "The Big Bang Theory" as part of Raj's steamy dream.

Random twin fact: Becky claims to have a 27-inch vertical jump. With that kind of leaping ability, we'd like to see if she can execute a sweet moonsault.

Elise and Electra Avellan

10 twins we want to see in WWE

You might remember the Venezuelan actresses from their high-octane roles in "Machete" and "Grindhouse," where they played the "Crazy Babysitter Twins." Nieces of director Robert Rodriguez, the identical twins have shown they aren't afraid of close combat and even zombies in their wild on-screen appearances, so mixing it up against WWE Divas shouldn't scare them away.

Random twin fact: Elise and Electra claim to have attended about 15 comic-book conventions in the last five years.

Antônio Rodrigo and Antônio Rogério Nogueira

10 twins we want to see in WWE

These two MMA fighters, also known as Big Nog and Little Nog, are both considered among the world's best in their respective weight classes. Big Nog also held the interim UFC heavyweight championship not too long before Brock Lesnar staked his claim to the title. Since both are Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialists, they're perfectly suited for finding ways to wriggle out of advanced submission maneuvers. In fact, Little Nog has yet to lose any fights by way of submission. They may just be up to the challenge of taming the animal in Brock. Surely, Lesnar couldn't escape out of a double standing guillotine chokehold, right?

Random twin fact: If you're looking for a way to tell the monozygotic twins apart aside from the weight and height difference, Big Nog has a large scar on his lower back, which resulted from an accident when he was a child.

Scarlett and Hunter Johansson

10 twins we want to see in WWE

Isn't the Black Widow an awesome Diva name? Scarlett Johansson plays the role of the mysterious Russian spy in the motion-picture blockbuster "The Avengers." The Golden Globe-nominated actress should be in top physical form because she had to train extensively in Wushu (Chinese martial arts) and weapons handling with a fight choreographer in preparation for the film. Her fraternal twin brother, Hunter, stands at a WWE-friendly height of 6-foot-3, which puts him at ample size to stand face-to-face with Superstars like John Cena and CM Punk.

Random twin fact: Hunter previously worked as a campaign organizer for Barack Obama and introduced his sister to the president a few years ago.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

10 twins we want to see in WWE

Best known for their starring role as the infant Michelle on the TV series "Full House," Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have come a long way since making cute, pouty faces and reciting memorable catch phrases like, "You got it, dude!" The Olsens, who are sororal twins despite their similar appearances, have ventured into the fashion world as young adults with their own clothing and beauty lines. The chic fashion sense would come in handy as WWE Divas, especially if it came to rocking the runway at events like the WrestleMania Premiere Party. Their ability to survive a Glam Slam, however, remains in serious doubt.

Random twin fact: Talent runs in the family. One of Mary-Kate and Ashley's other siblings, Elizabeth, received multiple awards and nominations for her film debut in "Martha Marcy May Marlene."

Tiki and Ronde Barber

10 twins we want to see in WWE

It certainly wouldn't be the first time football players made the transition to sports-entertainment. From Wahoo McDaniel to The Rock, the list of gridiron warriors to step into the ring is vast and impressive. Ronde is still an active cornerback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but Tiki is waiting for a team to welcome him back to the NFL after he decided to come out of retirement in 2011. If no squad calls for his running back services, why not give WWE a try? These monozygotic twins have the athleticism, speed and competitive spirit that could make them a success in the tag team division.

Random twin fact: Tiki and Ronde published a series of children's books together, covering subjects like the bond of brotherhood and the importance of hard work.

Cole and Dylan Sprouse

10 twins we want to see in WWE

The heartthrob actors and stars of "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" surprisingly got their introduction to WWE action during their film debut in "Big Daddy." In the comedy, Cole and Dylan play the role of Julian "Frankenstein" McGrath, who is taught by Adam Sandler's character "how to do the sleeper hold like Chief Jay Strongbow." That's a WWE Hall of Famer-caliber sleeper hold right there. It's only natural that the identical twins come full circle and see if they still remember how to pull off that sleeper.

Random twin fact: Dylan was named after poet Dylan Thomas, and Cole was named after jazz singer Nat King Cole.

Jenna Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush

10 twins we want to see in WWE

Jenna and Barbara, daughters of former President George W. Bush, need no introduction. The sororal twins are still active in mainstream media, with Jenna working as a correspondent for NBC's "Today Show" and Barbara playing a major role for various human rights organizations. The chance of them stepping into the squared circle is a ridiculous long shot, granted, but we've learned anything can happen in WWE. Plus, since Bush is no longer in office, at least they don't have to worry about Secret Service members cramping their Diva style.

Random twin fact: Rumor has it that Barbara and her friends once exceeded the speed limit to catch a WWE event at Madison Square Garden.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss

10 twins we want to see in WWE

The Winklevoss twins have a net worth that would leave even The Million Dollar Man floored. Cameron and Tyler co-founded the social networking website ConnectU, then in 2004, sued Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for $140 million, claiming that he stole their idea. The total settlement value was reportedly $160 million, which comes in addition to the twins’ success as venture capitalists. They also aren't slouches in the athletic department either, as they competed in the men's pair rowing event at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Besides, WWE needs a good nerd from time to time. Maybe Harvey Wippleman could even come back to manage the highbrow duo.

Random twin fact: In an episode of "The Simpsons," where Lisa starts her own social network website, her aunts Patty and Selma race against the Winklevoss twins in Olympic rowing.

Don and Ron Harris

10 twins we want to see in WWE

Don and Ron Harris are a little long in the tooth, but the identical twins have over a decade of proof that they can do battle with the top tag teams in WWE. The former WCW Tag Team Champions performed under a variety of names, including The Blu Brothers, The Harris Brothers, The Bruise Brothers, and of course, as Skull and 8-Ball in the Disciples of Apocalypse. At a towering 6-foot-8, Don and Ron are also the tallest twins to ever compete in WWE. Time to bring 'em back.

Random twin fact: In 2003, Ron went to work for "Macho Man" Randy Savage as a tour manager during Savage's brief rap career.

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