Are Lesnar, Laurinaitis' fates in the hands of Triple H, the Board?

Are Lesnar, Laurinaitis' fates in the hands of Triple H, the Board?
Brock Lesnar’s surprise assault on WWE COO Triple H Monday night has left the WWE Universe wondering what repercussions might befall the rogue Superstar only one match into his brand-new WWE contract.

The ruthless attack, which doctors say fractured Triple H’s elbow, occurred after The Game informed Lesnar that WWE was only obligated to honor the terms of his original contract and not the expanded list of demands agreed to one week earlier by Raw and SmackDown General Manager John Laurinaitis. According to Triple H, Laurinaitis – who also serves as Executive Vice President of Talent Relations – agreed to the terms without proper authorization. ( PHOTOS | VIDEO)

Lesnar’s vicious reaction to the news, however, now poses a major dilemma for both Triple H and WWE’s Board of Directors, who inevitably view the former WWE and UFC Heavyweight Champion as a boon to business. Moments before the attack Monday, Triple H made clear that although Lesnar is free to abandon his contract if he has misgivings about it, he hoped that Lesnar would stay in the WWE fold.

“I don’t think you want that, and I don’t want that either,” Triple H said of a possible Lesnar exit, adding that the WWE Universe wants to see Brock pitted against WWE Superstars such as WWE Champion CM Punk, Randy Orton and Sheamus.

Yet, with his left arm now in a sling, will the WWE COO have a change of heart? Although Triple H’s office has not yet issued a formal response to Monday’s attack, is it possible that Lesnar’s termination papers are already working their way through Human Resources channels?

Even beyond Triple H, how might the Board of Directors – which, in the eyes of the public, has taken on a much more involved role with Raw personnel in the last year – react to Monday’s assault? Even if Triple H holds firm in his stance that Lesnar shall remain a WWE talent, could the COO be overridden by the Board?

Adding one further wrinkle is the revised contract that Laurinaitis agreed to during the April 23 edition of Raw. Among the new terms approved by the GM was a clause that waived any future fines or disciplinary actions against Lesnar.

Triple H has already dismissed those additional contract perks as null and void, but could Lesnar’s camp pursue legal action in the event that the Board of Directors or Triple H comes down on Lesnar?

Finally, what of John Laurinaitis himself? One must wonder if the Raw and SmackDown GM must be held to some accountability. How can the Board approve of Laurinaitis agreeing to Brock’s mandates without any consultation, or that the company’s COO earned a broken arm for attempting to rectify a bad situation? It might be wise for the Board to take disciplinary action against Laurinaitis, and not just for apparently exceeding the limits of his authority. No, it might be a good idea to do so for the EVP of Talent Relations’ safety, before Triple H recovers and deals with Laurinaitis – personally.

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