Josh Mathews recovering after his attack from Brock Lesnar

Josh Mathews recovering after his attack from Brock Lesnar

DETROIT - has learned that Josh Mathews is in stable condition following a vicious attack at the hands of Brock Lesnar during Raw SuperShow in Detroit Monday night. Mathews had been interviewing the self-proclaimed "wrecking machine" about his upcoming Extreme Rules contest against John Cena when Lesnar - evidently unhappy with the quality of Mathews' questions - snapped and drove the helpless Mathews through the interview set, leaving him strewn across the backstage area while paramedics rushed to his aid. ( WATCH)

"When [Josh] was thrown through the set, he did land and twisted his neck, and he's experiencing some neck stiffness, tightness," said locker room physician Dr. Michael Sampson to reporters.

A follow-up MRI confirmed that Mathews suffered some nerve damage in his neck from the attack, in addition to the abrasions and lacerations over his body attributed to his impact with the Raw interview set. Mathews is currently under medical observation as he recovers from Lesnar's assault.

Given that Lesnar has demanded carte blanche to do what he likes as compensation for his match against Cena, one can only wonder if attacks like this are destined to be the norm in John Laurinaitis' WWE.

Check back with for updates on Mathews' condition.

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