Six opponents you want to see Lord Tensai face

Six opponents you want to see Lord Tensai face


Six opponents you want to see Lord Tensai face

Since making his Raw debut on April 3, Lord Tensai has generated quite a buzz within the WWE Universe. ( MORE ON TENSAI) In his first match, he demolished Alex Riley. ( WATCH) The following week, Yoshi Tatsu met a similarly painful fate. ( WATCH) Will this dominating force continue to tear through opponents, or can someone stop his path of destruction? We scoured recent Twitter discussions, and uncovered a few of your suggested opponents for the 6-foot-7-inch, 360-pound Superstar.


Six opponents you want to see Lord Tensai face
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 291 lbs.

In his SmackDown debut April 6, Ryback unleashed a show of brute force on an unlucky local opponent. Less than a week later, he did the same during a special live Tuesday edition of SuperSmackDown with a slew of WWE Legends watching. Given what he has shown so far, this powerhouse could indeed present a formidable challenge for the undefeated Lord Tensai.

@PeeAyeTee_: give lord tensai ryback

@widowwhisper: jenjen0413 :) I would like to see Lord Tensai face Ryback from Smackdown. Thoughts??
@coltonstewart5: @WWE_Lord_Tensai hey  i want see you take on ryback

NOTE: Lord Tensai is NOT on Twitter. However, his handler Mr. Sakamoto is @WWEMrSAKAMOTO. If you speak Japanese, you might be able to learn more about his plans for Lord Tensai.


Six opponents you want to see Lord Tensai face
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 267 lbs.

At WrestleMania XXVIII, Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan in record time to capture his first World Heavyweight Championship. Since The Show of Shows, The Great White has shown no signs of slowing down. Tweeters in the WWE Universe are convinced that Tensai would most certainly have his hands full against The Celtic Warrior, who has proven time and again to be one of WWE’s toughest competitors.
@caliguyx: @Michelleleslie0 WORD !! How about Seamus vs Lord Tensai and D.Bryan vs Rey Mysterio (when he come back)
@Boutthatpaper: I wanna see Lord Tensai and Sheamus feud

Yoshi Tatsu

Six opponents you want to see Lord Tensai face
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 211 lbs.

Yes, he lost once already to Lord Tensai. But according to you, Yoshi Tatsu is now at least familiar with what Tensai is capable of in the ring. Could he use the experience gained in just one match to have a better showing – or even defeat – the behemoth? Anything is possible in WWE, and it's that sort of thinking that has prompted some of you to call for a rematch between these two Superstars.
@ayanqutab123: We want @YoshiTatsuWWE at extreme rules vs lord Tensai in an last man standing #PeoplePower  #YoshiRevolution is going to trend
@SunEsays: @WWEUniverse wants to see @YoshiTatsuWWE VS #lordTensai in a #LadderMatch. i am sure Yoshi will eat Tensai like a sushi #YoshiRevolution
@Walu2go: @YoshiTatsuWWE It's not over Yoshi! Lord Tensai stole your proudness of beeing japanese. Fire back! You can! I know hat.


Six opponents you want to see Lord Tensai face
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 323 lbs.

A former World Champion and veteran with the skills and experience to take on anyone in WWE, The Big Red Monster never shows fear. Therefore, it's no surprise that our fans aren't afraid to suggest a collision between The Devil’s Favorite Demon and Tensai. It would certainly make for a very interesting - and definitely hellacious - encounter.

@adnan9321: @WWE #RAW I demand Kane vs Tensai

@Skarah_Janey: #WWERaw should put Lord Tensai vs Kane wow that would be a match! @WWE @WWEUniverse @GMSmackDown @JRsBBQ
@tarynlove77: @WWE Lord Tensai needs real competition, he needs to fight KANE!!!

Brodus Clay

Six opponents you want to see Lord Tensai face
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 375 lbs.

He's big, he's funky and a lot of you want to see Brodus Clay mix it up in the ring with Lord Tensai. Many think that The Funkasaurus would engage in a celebratory dance afterward, while others might consider him Tensai's next – and biggest – victory.
@joec1988: @WWE #raw any chance of a match between tensai and the funkasaurus #EpicBattle
@JuanCarlosFria4: plese one match for brodus clay y lort tensai please
@U_Cant_C_MeHLR: Lord Tensai should face Brodus Clay not superstars whose size is half of him
@pistolo93: @DavidOtunga :hey david brodusclay vs lord tensai please please

John Cena

Six opponents you want to see Lord Tensai face
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 251 lbs.

Despite losing to The Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII and taking the brunt of Brock Lesnar’s recent F-5's, the Cenation leader remains resolute in his mission to never back down from any challenge. It’s highly doubtful he’d turn down a chance to be the first to deliver Tensai his first loss.
@HEELDaiveedino: Cena vs Lord Tensai
@ RKO_4_LIFE: I want to see Lord Tensai @GiantBernard beat down John Cena!
@JesseLongshot: @WWE Raw Lord Tensai looks like a force to be reckoned with, but his mettle is yet to be tested.  John Cena, the Rock, etc.
Who would you like to see face Lord Tensai? Sound off now at WWE InterAction– the place to chat about everything WWE.

@TheKevBrooks: #Lord Tensai is gonna get 'em all :D

@QJC18: Lord Tensai is a freeking Beast@AwesomeDisaster: Lord Tensai is 10x times scarier than Kane. He really does scare me.

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