CM 'Drunk'? Why was the WWE Champion in a London pub?

CM 'Drunk'? Why was the WWE Champion in a London pub?

Fish and chips ... or gin and tonic?

According to Chris Jericho, WWE Champion CM Punk was spotted drinking alcohol before defending his title against Mark Henry on Raw SuperShow in London. Earlier in the day, the WWE Universe first learned of the purported footage via WWE's Breaking News mobile alert service. During Raw SuperShow, Jericho revealed video that did indeed show Punk entering the Pilot Inn Pub.

Chris Jericho accuses CM Punk of drinking and announces they will square off at Extreme Rules: Raw, April 16, 2012

Chris Jericho shows footage of CM Punk walking out of a pub in London.

Although Punk admitted going to the pub to eat fish and chips with a friend, he vehemently denied drinking any alcohol.

The video footage wasn't the only thing Jericho revealed on Raw. He announced that he would be facing CM Punk for his title at Extreme Rules in a Chicago Street Fight. The news seemed to delight Punk, who is eager to go toe-to-toe with Jericho in his own hometown in front of family and friends ( MATCH PREVIEW).

But questions still remain. Did Punk really go to the pub simply to eat with a friend? Did the WWE Champion consume alcohol just before competing on Raw? Is his straight-edge lifestyle a thing of the past? Has Jericho uncovered an ugly truth that Punk is not ready to admit? Who is telling the truth?

Look for answers on next week's special three-hour Raw SuperShow starting at 8/7 CT on USA Network.

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