The Best Mullets in WWE History


The Best Mullets in WWE History

Business in the front, party in the back.

That has long been the ideal description of the mullet, a hairstyle that embodied all the glorious excess and freedom of the 1980s and a good chunk of the 1990s as well. Sadly, the iconic haircut has gone the way of the dodo in recent years, but we at find ourselves feeling nostalgic for a simpler time when Superstars felt free to let their hair down. Or at least the back of it, anyway. So without further "a-'do," here are the greatest mullets in WWE history.

The Beverly Brothers

The Best Mullets in WWE History

One of the WWE's old school tag teams, The Beverly Brothers, Beau & Blake, were a perfect embodiment of sports-entertainment excess. And nothing embodies that, of course, like a long, luxurious mullet to go with your flowing purple cape.

Mullet Critique: Impressive. Few men can pull off a classy mullet like this. Fun fact: “Beau” is French for “beautiful,” and this is exactly the word we would use to describe his mullet.

Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake

The Best Mullets in WWE History

Oh, Brutus. Don’t let a barber anywhere near that head of hair. This WWE Legend’s ‘do isn’t quite as full as some of the other men’s on this list, but what it lacked in volume it made up for in character. This scraggly variation on the hairstyle befits the character of a man who used to menace his opponents with a giant pair of shears.

Mullet Critique: Understated. Not every mullet has to blot out the sun with its excess. It’s possible to have just enough without going overboard, and Beefcake, for all his larger-than-life presence, walked the fine line well in this respect.

Eddie Guerrero

The Best Mullets in WWE History

Before he lied, cheated and stole in a crew cut, the late Eddie Guerrero was “Latino Heat” in a mullet. With tonsorial style to match his natural suaveness, it’s no wonder Eddie had all the “mamacitas” calling his name.

Mullet Critique: Caliente.

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

The Best Mullets in WWE History

HOOOOOOO!!!! This WWE Hall of Famer was a true man of the land and American patriot, yet in between toting his signature 2x4 and extolling the virtues of Old Glory, he somehow managed to complete the trifecta with this luxuriant mane.

Mullet Critique: Patriotic. Come on people, this is lumber, muscles and mullets. The “American Way” made flesh. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Marty Jannetty

The Best Mullets in WWE History

Among the many virtues of The Rockers were their hairstyles, which were vibrant enough to be the envy of any hairspray-encrusted guitar hero of the ’80s. Jannetty in particular was rocking a style that would break Billy Ray Cyrus’ “achy breaky heart” on the spot.

Mullet Critique: Riveting. It makes us pause in anticipation for the guitar solo.

Jimmy Hart

The Best Mullets in WWE History

Ain’t nothing little about this Jimmy’s ‘do. This WWE Hall of Famer liked to do everything at maximum volume, from his outfits to his voice itself, which “The Mouth of the South” amplified at all times with his signature megaphone. His hairstyle was no exception.

Mullet Critique: Deafening. Just like the man itself, it broadcasts its presence for miles around. We are helpless against its power.

Kevin Sullivan

The Best Mullets in WWE History

This “Dungeon of Doom” member out of WCW knew how to have a good time as he was beating down his opponents. Frankly, Sullivan’s an imposing enough man that he didn’t need a mullet to inject some personality, but he went that route anyway.

Mullet Critique: Slightly intimidating. It’s noticeable, but only just enough that it seems like he’s daring onlookers to mention it to his face.

Brian Knobbs

The Best Mullets in WWE History

This hard-hitting Superstar may look like a fun-loving guy, but make no mistake: as part of the iconic tag team The Nasty Boys, Knobbs was notorious for his aggression and strength. Even when Superstars managed to defeat him and his partner, Jerry Saggs, they tended to come out the worse for wear anyway.

Mullet Critique: Nasty. What, you thought it was going to be something else?

Ric Flair

The Best Mullets in WWE History

One can only imagine that The “Nature Boy” walked around with his own personal hole in the ozone thanks to the hairspray required to keep his immaculate mullet intact. But you know what? We can’t even begrudge him the transgression against Mother Nature; this was a look befitting a man who professed to ride in limos, fly jets, steal kisses and wheel and deal to his heart’s content.

Mullet Critique: Splendiferous. Like everything “Naitch” did in his prime, it was iconic. WOO!


The Best Mullets in WWE History

This fearsome chief is most remembered these days for his war dance and his formidable undefeated streak, but we’d also like to call attention to his magnificent hair. Given the mullet’s current reputation, it’s hard to imagine a Superstar going off on such a tear through WWE while sporting one, but give Tatanka credit – he pulled it off.

Mullet Critique: Enlightening. Tatanka’s mullet earns bonus points for changing constantly (remember when it was red?), and credit must be given for exploiting all possible angles of a relatively simple haircut.

Shawn Michaels

The Best Mullets in WWE History

The Showstopper. The Main Event . Mr. WrestleMania. We’re talking about HBK’s outstanding mullet, of course … but Michaels is pretty good himself, too.

Mullet Critique: Supreme. The pinnacle. The ideal. The standard that every mullet-bearer, or, indeed, human, should aspire themselves to. We’re shocked cities didn’t crumble when HBK traded it in for the ponytail, quite frankly.

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