#Bestintheworld: Punk or Jericho?

#Bestintheworld: Punk or Jericho?

On Monday’s Raw SuperShow, Michael Cole asked the WWE Universe whether WWE Champion CM Punk or Chris Jericho was most deserving of the moniker “Best in the World.” Within minutes, #bestintheworld trended number one worldwide on Twitter. With no shortage of opinions, you weighed in on the debate, emphatically sharing your feelings as to which of these WrestleMania opponents most warrants the label.


@WNSource #bestintheworld CM Punk. I don't need a reason. His talking and wrestling are 10x everyone elses.
@U_Cant_See_This Punk is #BestInTheWorld because he doesn't have to jump people from behind to win! @wwe #raw
@LisaMarie742 Catching up on @WWE #Raw I love @CMPunk! #BestInTheWorld #CMPunk
@DaRealBam @CMPunk best pure wrestler in the business today and not afraid to use the pipebomb. My fave handsdown. #bestintheworld
@kev1232thomas #bestintheworld I think cm punk because he is the wwe champion he last through the elimination chamber and is the best in the world
@justinparker77 @WWE I think cm punk #BestInTheWorld
@FAkinyemi I think @CMPunk is the best in the world, I mean he is amazing at what he does and he always stand up for his rights #Bestintheworld
@FaceAli15 @CMPunk when is your DVD coming out! #BestInTheWorld
@SPattyP @iamjericho NEVER legally pinned @CMPunk ... #TDGardenScewJob ... @CMPunk is still #BestintheWorld
@d_karaoulis #bestintheworld is @CMPunk, @IAmJericho was. Past tense, not any more
@D_Mansbridge @CMPunk is the #BestInTheWorld because he can & does go out there nightly, with no lite-bright jackets & no pyros & WRESTLES to prove it.
@JesseHelsius @IAmJericho I'm pretty sure you weren't the legal man in that match. So, if anything, you robbed the real #BestInTheWorld @CMPunk


@Youngy54_ Chris Jericho - #bestintheworld. Sorry Punk, but I was a Jericho fan long before I was a Punk one.
@MizfitKrista Can't wait til WM when Jericho becomes the WWE Chamion ;) #BESTINTHEWORLD
@Celalsahin__ #bestintheworld is chris jericho because he is so experience in the ring
@sheriff720 #bestintheworld jericho
@_bode_2020 @IAmJericho you #bestintheworld
@21Sullins @iamjerico is the #bestintheworld because if you watch his dvd you will know, all across the world to learn different types of wrestling!!!
@NazAQW @IAmJericho The Jerichoholics still support your claim to #bestintheworld =D
@adeeeeeeb Miami @IAmJericho will not only win the WWE title but he will prove that he is #BestInTheWorld #BestIn EverythingWhatHeDoes #AttitudeEra
@john84myers Would quite like @IAmJericho to win at Mania, just so he'd hopefully stick Christmas lights on the title to match his jacket #BestInTheWorld
@inniisoutie Chris Jericho, but Punk is good too. #BestInTheWorld
@stevie_58 Jericho, why? Because I said so. #bestintheworld
@ZachFernandez95 #BestInTheWorld is obviously Chris Jericho. I mean come on people, he's way more experienced than CM Punk.
@Cody_TM #BestInTheWorld Y2J because he is the first ever undisputed champ and a 9 time intercontinental champ. Y2J FTW!!

Whose supporters are most convincing? Who do you think is the true #bestintheworld? Make your voice heard and discuss with other members of the WWE Universe on Facebook and Twitter. You can also VOTE NOW in our Facebook Page poll.

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