How will Laurinaitis answer back on SmackDown?

How will Laurinaitis answer back on SmackDown?

This week, both Raw and SmackDown get extreme makeovers, following last week’s announcement by WWE’s Board of Directors that they would switch control of each show in an effort to help determine which General Manager should control both shows. While SmackDown GM Theodore Long took control of the March 5 edition of Raw SuperShow, GM John Laurinaitis prepared to take the reins of Friday’s SmackDown. (WATCH)

As the acting head of Raw, Teddy Long made an impact like only he could, throwing Laurinaitis out of the building. (FULL RAW SUPERSHOW RESULTS). Now, with Laurinaitis in charge of this week’s SmackDown, the WWE Universe is left wondering what steps “Mr. Excitement” will take to prove himself the true power behind WWE’s current glory. Find out what will happen Friday on Syfy at 8/7 CT.

The decision by the Board came one week after Laurinaitis announced at Elimination Chamber that he will seek control over both shows, bolstered by flattering testimonials by Superstars Mark Henry, Christian and Alberto Del Rio. A perturbed Long made it clear to Laurinaitis that he’s not about to take the threat to his position lying down.

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