The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for Feb. 14, 2012

The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for Feb. 14, 2012

On the eve of Valentine's Day, heartbreak befell the WWE Universe with the return of HBK himself, Shawn Michaels, not to mention the Monday night makeout session (and vile act by Kane) that left a lovelorn Zack Ryder crushed.

It's the (Valentine's) day after Raw. Let's see what you thought ...

Kiss and hell for Zack Ryder

Like a syrupy spit-swap between two lead Disney characters, John Cena and Eve fell into each other's arms after Cena helped the former Divas Champion escape Kane's snare, then they made out. Hard. (WATCH)

Poor Zack, as the WWE Universe so aptly tweeted. In his wheelchair and neckbrace, Ryder watched the whole romantic scene unfold while his heart and bouquet of roses withered on the spot. It only got worse for Long Island Iced-Z, who was first given the "just friends" line by his coveted lady, then sped off the entrance ramp by the demonic masked man in the same hour. There are stuffed bears and Mylar balloons waiting for Zack this Valentine's Day, but they'll be reading "Get Well Soon" rather than "I Love You."

@RyMzWWE: @WWE #RAW: Cena! Hit an AA on ryder!! Do it!!!!!

@guitarizt: RAA that was some emotional @WWE #RAW !!!!! everything on it!!!! SO HARSH! Poor Zack !! #HBK #HHH @WWEUniverse the matchups were live too!!

@lilreno69: Poor Zack :( #wwe #raw

@suttonsRKO: Catching up on #RAW from last night. Hate seeing HHH & HBK arguing and poor Zack Ryder :(

@AngelEstrella: Cena seals it with a kiss on the Eve of Valentine's Day. Poor Zack Ryder. That was not the 'push' he was asking from the WWE. @WWE #Raw

@tjb_vtr5: DAYUM! #Eve went for that kiss on #JohnCena. I saw tongue BEFORE she locked lips. #WWE #Raw

@aboodyzurkly: Poor zack ryder! No love, no valentines date! #Raw #ZackRyder

@SPORTS_by_AJ: Now if that ain't a kiss, idk what is! #RAW That's how I wanna be kissed!

@RGriscti: Oh my god they killed Zack...Poor Zack #RAW

@WWERockCena: all jokes aside,did u guys c how John Cena opened his mouth while receiving that big juicy tongue kiss from Eve?! #WWE #Raw #EmbraceTheHate

@mattsetsfire: Cena and Eve are awful people, poor Zack Ryder #raw #WWE

@Partygurlkim: Kane why you have to be so mean to @ZackRyder ? Do that to @JohnCena #RAW Poor Zack

@TeamRobbieCano: I know this is kinda late...but Eve is one lucky chick to be able to kiss John Cena!! Smh #RAW #WWE

Day After Raw: Shawn Michaels disses Triple H(Super)Showstopper returns

It's starting to look a lot like WrestleMania. As the year's biggest spectacle draws closer at just 40 days and counting, "Mr. WrestleMania" himself, Shawn Michaels, stopped the (Super)show on Monday night. The Heartbreak Kid wasted no time stirring controversy, confronting his BFF, Triple H, about his refusal to face The Phenom at WrestleMania. Just one year after Michaels met Triple H with a supportive embrace following The Cerebral Assassin's loss to The Phenom at WrestleMania (as seen in HBK's exclusive eBook), HBK yet again encouraged his time-tested friend.

The banter between two longtime "Kliq" buddies subsided with pointed words about The Game's supposed cowardice and HBK's dual losses to The Undertaker just years ago. True, Triple H might be looking more corporate than he did in 1999, but a "coward"? That's up for debate amongst the WWE Universe.

@markandersen1: Nice to see "hall of famer" title next to @ShawnMichaels’ name on #RAW !! great to see you again #HBK!!

@ethanfour: @WWE the interaction between HBK & HHH was very compelling & havin the vid with Taker cutting his hair? #raw #interested

@MrAlonzo17: So I guess #hbk and #tripleH are no longer friends #wwe #raw

@Lena0429: @ShawnMichaels Hope to see ya back on #RAW again soon! Happy Valentines Day HBK!

@wingster55: Hate how HHH groups himself, HBK and Taker as the last of an era...forgetting about Jericho are we? #RAW

@CVDZen: "You.. me.. Undertaker, Shawn, we are the end of an era" - #HHH's words will haunt me forever. Got a slight tear. #WWE #Raw

@sarah10401: Those are fighting words Shawn #coward #raw #snickelfritz

@JamesHemingray: Strong words from Shawn Michaels, hope they are not ending the friendship between him and Triple H #RAW

@hip_hip_jorge: At what point will HHH and HBK fool everyone and say, "We've got two words for you!" cc: @WWEUniverse #Raw #WWE

@H36_Chris: #Raw Calling HHH a coward, dragging him back to his face, and dissing his wife... Yeah HBK, choose your next words wisely bro.

@podjohnnyringo: So, by HBK's theory...if someone challenged him right now, he'd have to accept or be a coward? #raw

@zestopower: @WWE HHH= Coward = scared of undertaker #Raw

@OneMasterMar: At the end of the day a coward is still a coward #Raw #Supershow

@zachlinder: Well, it's official: Shawn Michaels is the Marty Jannetty of D-Generation X. @WWE #Raw

Undertaker gets a haircut?

embedcolon25059563Driven to depths of obsession never before seen, The Undertaker continued to stalk Triple H in a second vignette. But this time, amid the newspaper clippings were strands of The Phenom's stark black hair. Shockingly, the Game-obsessed Deadman used a straight razor to cut the locks that have fallen beneath the brim of his hat for decades. A macabre metamorphosis seemed to take place on Monday night in front of WWE fans' eyes – imagery none will soon forget, Triple H included.

@DaGreat_Hambino: Undertaker is in one creepy room with pictures and paper clippings psycho style cutting his hair with a blade in this promo #RAW

@margenotbutter: I should have gone to bed before Undertaker appeared. Now I'm too scared to leave the room. #WWE #Raw

@TheLillis: What THE HELL was that?! #undertaker #haircut #raw

@Mizfit_Jess1: is undertaker gonna be sporting a new haircut? @WWE #RAW

@kfd2010: Undertaker has an awesome serial killer room. I'd totally get my haircut there too. #WWE #Raw #GDYC

@GoStabby: That's the most Gangsta haircut I've ever seen #RAW

@WN_Net: Last night's edition of @WWE #RAW showed that The Undertaker has a great living room. Imagine playing @CallofDuty #MW3 on his screen!!!

@TheRealJeffPeck: The Brothers of Destruction should open up a barber shop/ambulance service after what I've seen tonight #WWE #RAW

@KamoKarnage: Where's Brutus the barber when you need him? #WWE #RAW

Random Raw ramblings

@JoeyStyles: Even on crutches and in a back and neck brace, @ZackRyder gets to the ring faster than The Great Khali. #Raw

@callmeMISTER_: Tamina and Beth could actually save the divas division. #WWE #Raw

@IgorTheKing2: R-Truth in debate tonight was great! Please, someone have to make a comedy film with him and with #LittleJimmy too... Lol #Raw

@Chris7BellaArmy: Embrace the debate #WWE #RAW

@Mswaggz: #RAW Kofi's killin it 2nite!!! Afterthought #NoMore

@missinglinx: We should be glad the Michael Cole action figure doesn't talk. #raw

@jakemarst: Old snikelfritz... Aka clown shoes #RAW #wwe

@Kalonji2011: How did Randy Orton give that DDT to the Big Show :O #WWE #Raw

@Rayla840: Otunga is giddy over Jennifer Hudson killing at the Grammys #SheWasAwesome #Raw @WWE should mention it. #ButItCouldMakeHimMorePopular

@therawreactor: BIGGEST DDT IN THE WORLD!!! ^CL #orton #wwe #raw

@alexitawilmont: Tamina is a Knockout! #Raw

@DeaconKirby: Don't like what Otunga said, I don't want Johnny on #Smackdown , That's a long territory #Raw

@Luciano_Alverez: What a DDT to the BigShow by Randy Orton @WWE #Raw

@placebobsh: I want the Michael Cole action figure @WWE #Raw!!

@mattsetsfire: Why is Kofi in a WWE title match again?? He will never everrrrrr win the title #raw #WWE

@emmastern: Remembering my hatred for @ShawnMichaels_ as a kid when he kicked Marty Janetty through the barber shop window. Still ruined! #RAW

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