R-Truth averts major injury

R-Truth averts major injury

WWE officials have confirmed that R-Truth avoided serious injury after suffering a brutal fall on WWE’s Raw SuperShow Monday night.

The incident occurred during Raw’s main event Six Pack Challenge involving Truth, WWE Champion CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston and The Miz.

R-Truth performed a slingshot somersault over the top rope onto The Miz, who was outside the ring. Although the aerial attack glanced The Miz, R-Truth ended up receiving the brunt of the impact, falling back-first onto the floor. At that point, the referee decided R-Truth was no longer able to compete, and WWE officials helped him to the locker room area.

WWE officials do not believe any injuries sustained from the fall will keep R-Truth out of action.

Jericho ended up winning the Six Pack Challenge after he pinned Dolph Ziggler, who moments before ate a GTS from Punk. Due to a pre-match stipulation, the win earned Jericho the coveted slot of last man into the Raw Elimination Chamber Match on Feb. 19.

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