Why is John Cena in Kane's crosshairs

Why is John Cena in Kane's crosshairs

The WWE Universe was shocked when Kane made his return on Raw SuperShow several weeks ago. They were even more surprised when The Big Red Monster, wearing a terrifying new mask, attacked John Cena instead of Mark Henry, who was responsible for injuring Kane over the summer.

This past Monday, The Devil’s Favorite Demon once again went after the leader of the Cenation instead of The World’s Strongest Man. Cena tried to put up a fight, knocking the monster out of the ring, but Kane eventually overpowered him and tossed the former WWE Champion around ringside like a ragdoll, leaving him in a heap on the announcers’ table.

The Big Red Monster’s vicious actions left everyone wondering one thing: why is Kane going after John Cena instead of Mark Henry?

Kane’s motives could be simple. The former World Heavyweight Champion has been out of action since July after Henry inducted him into his Hall of Pain. The Big Red Monster could want to make his case as a top contender to the WWE Championship. What better way to get noticed than taking out a 10-time WWE Champion?

embedcolon25050527It could also be a case of opposites attracting. Kane is a tormented monster. He bares mental scars from his tortured upbringing after a fire, allegedly started by his half-brother The Undertaker, burned down the home he was raised in. He has been unleashing a lifetime of pent-up rage on the WWE for more than a decade, picking up WWE and World Heavyweight Championships in the wake of his destruction. There is no Superstar with a blacker heart than The Devil’s Favorite Demon.

On the other hand, John Cena has been battling portions of the WWE Universe that boo him relentlessly. They chant “Cena sucks!” from the moment he enters the ring to the moment he steps back through the curtain. His WrestleMania XXVIII opponent, The Rock, is cheered unabashedly, even though he shows up once in a blue moon.

Yet Cena lets the jeers go in one ear and out the other. He says it’s the WWE Universe’s right to cheer and boo whoever they please. Night in and night out, the leader of the Cenation refuses to give into the hate, approaching every match with a smile and a salute. Cena’s easy-going approach to his detractors has to eat away at The Big Red Monster.  After all, Kane has shown how easy it is to let the torment consume him.

Will we find out Kane’s true motivations? It’s hard to say, as he has yet to speak since his return. If the past few weeks are any indication, John Cena will have to keep his head on a swivel this Monday on Raw SuperShow, because there will almost certainly be a monster lurking, waiting for a chance to attack.

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