RAW GETS ROCKED in Boston on Monday

RAW GETS ROCKED in Boston on Monday

Boston sports fans, like the devotees who make up the WWE Universe, are notorious for their fervor and over-the-top enthusiasm. But even a supercharged Beantown crowd might not be prepared for the long-awaited return of The Rock on Raw SuperShow.

The Most Electrifying Man in Entertainment comes back to Boston on Monday for a three-hour event, appropriately titled “RAW GETS ROCKED.” Airing live at a special time of 8/7 CT, this marks The Great One’s first time back in the squared circle since his birthday bash in May. (PHOTOS)

But what will happen when The Rock is in John Cena’s backyard for an explosive episode of Raw?

The Rock and the Cenation leader have traded barbs and blows in the past, so there is always a chance that their delicate Survivor Series partnership could be broken before they even enter Madison Square Garden next Sunday. Fortunately, they have the mutual enemy of the aggravating “Awesome Truth,” so it’s just as likely that they stay on the same page, at least long enough to silence The Miz and R-Truth on Nov. 20.

embedcolon25043870However, the conspiratorial twosome and Cena might not be the only Superstars that The Brahma Bull has issues with on Monday. The Raw roster offers many potentially humorous interactions or smackdown-laying opportunities for the multi-time champion. During his return to Raw, he may encounter WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk at each other’s throats days before their title clash at Survivor Series. Will the outspoken former WWE titleholder get involved in their rivalry, and if so, whose side could he take? WWE fans can hope that he shuts up other exasperating Superstars like Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger, who could both use a People’s Elbow or two.

If The Rock’s past performances in John Cena’s hometown are any indication, then the WWE faithful can expect fireworks. He has had huge nights in Titletown, winning the WWE Tag Team Championship with Mankind in 1999 (WATCH) and the WWE Championship at King of the Ring 2000.

But the history books also show it could be a rough night for The People’s Champion. He has come to Boston with injuries, like when he engaged in a classic Cast Match with Triple H on Raw in June 1999. He has also left the city with significant damage, such as after WrestleMania XIV, when his ankle was nearly torn off by a crazed Ken Shamrock. (PHOTOS)

On Monday’s “RAW GETS ROCKED,” what will a return to Boston bear for The Great One? What about for John Cena? No matter what unfolds, the fact remains that when these two illustrious Superstars step in the squared circle, whether as allies or adversaries, the WWE Universe watches with bated breath.

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