The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for Nov. 8, 2011

The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for Nov. 8, 2011

God save the Queen! When WWE Raw SuperShow emanated from Liverpool, England for the first time ever, the ferocity between WWE’s bravest warriors and its vilest miscreants put Parliament on pause. The bellows of raucous Brits at Raw were loud and clear, not unlike the tweets from the rest of the WWE Universe chatting on Twitter and’s freshly unveiled WWE InterAction page – the ultimate destination for discussing all things WWE.

It’s the day after Raw. Let’s see what you thought …

Three jeers for Del Rio
All it took was for CM Punk to utter “Boo this man” for the Liverpool legion to enshroud WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio in a swell of jeers. If, as Punk suggested, you fast-forwarded too far past Del Rio’s smarmy address, you may have missed a bit of the verbal spat between the two men with the slickest hair in WWE (three, if you count Ricardo). What you certainly didn’t skip through was the No. 1 contender locking The Mexican Aristocrat in the Anaconda Vise, however briefly. Watch the collision that culminated with Rodriguez’s impromptu, mid-Raw nap. Hopefully, Rrricarrrdo (rolling Rs and all) woke in time for afternoon tea.

@GunneriteFever: Crowd had completely died until Punk came out! :) Loved him telling the crowd to boo this man! LOL #Raw

@AllAboutWWE: "Boo this man"-CMPUNK #wwe #raw haa love it.

@BobbyWWETuxGuy: Ive never seen so much hair grease in one ring, CM Punk, Del Rio, and Ricardo Rodriguez. #WWE #RAW

@MrStraightEdge: Its always good seeing @CMPunk's anaconda vise #BestInTheWorld #Raw

@LloydBarrett12: Maybe Del Rio should get a Best In The World T-Shirt? #Raw

@tanie_kitty: That was a lot of Punk shirts. #raw

@Atakullakulla: #RAW whose hair has more Grease... CM Punk or Alberto Del Rio?

@jdiva86: CM Punk is not gonna cancel the match #RAW

@RKO_DiBiase17: Dude, Punk just spoke some truth right there. (; #Raw

@zackrydergirl50: I'm laughing so hard at Punk right now! xDD #Raw

@Hanzi83: nice half baked reference by punk "BOO this man" #raw #wwe

JoMo finds mojo: Day After RawStarship Pain back in service
It seems Starship Pain was simply under construction this whole time, but service has been restored in the WWE Universe. For months, John Morrison spent his Monday nights hazily gazing up at arena ceilings while getting pinned by everyone from Mark Henry to Dolph Ziggler – but not this time.

Rebounding after a timely interview last week in which The Prince of Parkour elaborated on his recent losing streak (FULL STORY), Morrison ended the loss-accruing, anti-Goldberg match record with a victory over the U.S. Champion.

The Shaman of Sexy got his groove back. JoMo found his mojo. However you phrase it, the WWE Universe was abuzz over the apparent refueling of Starship Pain – which strongly overshadowed Dolph’s uniquely tailored T-shirt. (WATCH)

Is JoMo’s jinx perhaps limited to the States? Time will tell when RAW GETS ROCKED in Boston this Monday.

@LeahDaniell: John Morrison won?! The world is once again in balance #thisaintnomakebelieve #RAW

@Custom_Made_GJ: Dolph, you're no Scott Hall when it comes to t-shirt alterations. #Raw

@IHEART_CeNation: Yess ! & John Morrison winss :D with his gorgeous self.... #wwe #raw soooooo beautiful ;)

@LazerBlast2k11: @WWE @WWEgames JoMo loss his Mojo NoMo' #Raw

@xFoxySwag_: OOOOOOO Hell Yeah,John Morrison Picked Up a Win :') Im So Proud <3 Forev and Alwayz He'll Be My Fave Superstar! #JoMoLuver @WWE #Raw

@ChandraLooney: Dolph honey, that's a T shirt, not a jacket, you suck! #RAW

@Podswoggle: Good job Morrison. You ended a losing streak that lasted longer than a Kardashian marriage. #IsThatStillTopical #RAW #WWE

@NimeshMSagar: Congrats to John Morrison on breaking his losing streak; can he now win in the good ol' US & A? #RAW

@Nixnero: lmao at all the tweets about Jomo finding his Mojo #RAW

@homiedaclown24: Wow John Morrison won!!! 3 month losing streak over!!! #WWE #Raw

@UnholyA7X: Morrison should stop using the starship pain cuz he mostly miss #justsaying #wwe #raw

Cena fist pumps: Day After RawWoo-woo-winning and losing
Maybe Liverpool is the Long Island of the United Kingdom. The crowd’s chant of “We want Ryder!” was nothing shy of explosive in the main event tag match on Raw SuperShow that saw the teaming of the Internet Champion and John Cena, complete with fist pump and broski shades. With both moves and attire in sync, the pair had The Miz & R-Truth reeling and perhaps encouraged even more WWE fans to sign the Twitter petition to get Zack Ryder a future U.S. Title Match.

But the best efforts of the “future Hall of Famer” couldn’t overcome the scheming of The “Awesome Truth,” who literally won by a foot. Embarrassed by Miz & Truth, Cena & Ryder went from winning to losing. At this point, it might be best to lay low underneath those sunglasses after all.

@ohnoitsyasmin: I'm sorry, but when Cena fist pumps it's just like this epic muscle flex. #RAW

@InZachWeTrust: Cena wearing the Broski sunglasses was the greatest thing ever. @WWE #RAW

@musicrox356: Cena and Ryder fist pumping' together! &lt;33 #iloveit #Raw

@CenaxFan4Life: @WWEUniverse Wants to see Cena fist pump Awesome Truth! @WWE #Raw

@CMPunkSXE: Did cena really just fist pump #Raw

@mscs816WWE: I signed the @ZackRyder petition. I'm a Broski!!!!! #WWE #RAW WWWYKI!!!!!!

@oct4stfrancis: Zack Ryder is a future hall of famer? tell me John Cena didnt just say that #Raw

@RKOsnumber1Fan: Cena looks Awesome with the BROSKI SUNGLASSES! #Raw

@zoeymarietaylor: Zack Ryder, future hall of famer? How about we focus on him winning a title first? #raw

@FooFighters18: @WWE @ZackRyder should be U.S. Champ #WWWYKI #RAW #WWWYKI Sign the petition for Ryder to be U.S. Champ

@RealHeatFan: @ZackRyder @wwe #raw Zack Ryder a future hall of famer

@FriscoKTank: Hey @WWE here's a petition that needs to be started, Put @ZackRyder on the opening video of #RAW.

@HeatherRKOFan33: Cole just called me a goofball. I signed that petition for @ZackRyder @wwe #RAW :)

@Partygurlkim: I'll sign your petition @ZackRyder WWWYKI #Raw

Random Raw ramblings

@Matt_Outlook: Say what you want about R Truth, he knows how to headbutt the floor. #RAW

@SueBrittany: Awesome maxim cover for kelly kelly #sexy is all over #raw tonight @WWE

@ThatGuyT1E: Hm. This 'Michael Cole Challenge' is dragging on too long. I want the whole thing to be over. #RAW

@Kevin_feder: YEEESSSSS!!! NWO @RealKevinNash music!!! #WWE #RAW

@MattTheDoctor: Uggh that nWo music makes me so happy inside. #Raw

@Chaz_Chapz: I enjoy seeing Kofi without that little smiley man... #BreakUpAirBoom @WWE #Raw

@EmperorVirgil: When Michael Cole said RAW was going to Coled, I expected someone to throw a soda at him. #RAW

@JonnythanL: @NatbyNature Any news on the National Geographic photo shoot? @WWE #RAW

@dmajick: @WWE #Raw Nash made a statement....lookin forward to HHH's response

@JuStinB1989: Swagger now with that lisp has a twitch lmao #Raw #RawinUK

@ryanonrasslin: Okay, I have to own up to it, I kinda chuckled at the #Raw will get "Cole-d" line. #WWE

@ohnoitsyasmin: Oh I'm sorry, Kelly.. was that supposed to be funny? #RAW

@SmileyLarz: @wwe #raw It's weird seeing Kofi without Evan... guess I have to get used to it for about 30 days...

@StoreyXIV: I really hope this Swagger twitch thing does not develop any further. #Raw

@FearlessRiOT: I haven't tweeted anything about Kevin Nash yet, so here goes: HAIR DYE! #WWE #RAW

@WWERealTalk: I love how Barbie music comes on when @realkellykelly doing a walking promo hahahahaha does anyone like her? Seriously @WWEgames @WWE #Raw

Share your voice with the rest of the WWE Universe on Twitter by using #RAW and check back next week for another edition of The Day After Raw.

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