Is the walkout creating breakout opportunities for young Superstars?

Is the walkout creating breakout opportunities for young Superstars?

There are few occupations as competitive as that of a WWE Superstar. And with nearly the entire Raw locker room unanimous in its decision to walk out on WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H, there are many new opportunities on the table for up-and-coming young competitors – but only if they’re willing to take them.

As noted by Triple H himself in an interview with, the COO will not step down from running the day-to-day operations of WWE Raw SuperShow, meaning that the protests will continue indefinitely. To date, only John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show have confirmed they will appear on Monday night in spite of the walkout. These ring warriors are undoubtedly five of the most exciting Superstars in recent history, but it’s unrealistic to think that WWE Raw SuperShow can carry on with only a roster of five. As such, perhaps this is the opening many young and hungry ring warriors have been waiting for. But are they willing to stand apart from their fellow protesters in order to capitalize on this unique situation?

embedcolon25037837Since a walkout of this scale has never occurred in WWE history – the September 1999 referee protest notwithstanding (STORY) – it’s hard to gauge what sorts of consequences would be wrought upon those who attempted to return to action after walking out on the COO. Would their fellow disgruntled Superstars understand their decisions? Would they make new enemies among those protesting? And, perhaps most importantly, would The Game even allow them to compete after turning their backs on him and, in his eyes, the WWE Universe? All questions to consider for those who might be having second thoughts over opting to protest the so-called “unsafe working environment” The King of Kings has cultivated as COO.

embedcolon25032685But who would benefit most from a post-walkout WWE Raw SuperShow? Self-professed Internet Champion Zack Ryder immediately springs to mind. In response to his minimal time on WWE TV, Long Island Iced-Z took to YouTube and Twitter to build a fan base. Now that a vast majority of the Raw locker room is refusing to compete on WWE Raw SuperShow, Ryder will finally get even more of the spotlight he has worked so hard to attain.

Alex Riley is another Superstar who would be wise to take advantage of the diminished Raw roster. After spending months under the boot heel of former mentor (and former Superstar) The Miz, A-Ry has been eager to grasp the main event glory that would rival that of his past employer.

embedcolon25032995And what of Yoshi Tatsu, who has begun displaying a more aggressive in-ring style, intimidating ring gear and attention-grabbing face paint, an homage to legendary Japanese grappler The Great Muta? Or his WWE NXT rival Tyson Kidd, whose Hart Dungeon training makes him one of the most cunning mat technicians on the WWE roster? Each of these Superstars – neither of whom were actually present during the vote of “no confidence” in Triple H on the Oct. 3, 2011, edition of WWE Raw SuperShow – would thrive as their peers protest. 

embedcolon25037827Although the rightful bearer of the name has been in question in recent weeks, international sensation Sin Cara (in one form or another) has been dazzling WWE Universe members for months now, but both masked ring warriors still apparently vying to become the one, true Sin Cara participated in the walkout last Monday night. What if one Sin Cara returned to action on Monday nights while the other did not? What if they both stopped protesting? Championship glory could await either bearer of the Sin Cara mantle sooner rather than later.

With more opportunities on the Raw roster than ever before, it will be interesting to see which Superstars – if any – will step forward and take advantage. Check back with for the latest updates on this unprecedented walkout.

What other Superstars do you think would benefit by returning to action following the walkout? Do you think WWE COO Triple H would welcome them back to work? Share your thoughts with the rest of the WWE Universe on Facebook and Twitter.

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