Will non-voters clash with protesters?

Will non-voters clash with protesters?

When many of the Superstars, Divas, officials and crew walked out of Raw SuperShow last Monday, in protest of the way Triple H is running the show's day-to-day operations, several notable names were absent. Where were John Cena, Sheamus and CM Punk? What about Randy Orton, Big Show, Mason Ryan, Kelly Kelly and Eve?

Some of these Superstars have taken their cases to Twitter, sharing their thoughts about The Game. (MORE) Some have remained silent so far on social media, such as Kelly Kelly and Eve. However, what do the Superstars who walked out think about those who weren’t even present at the vote of "no confidence” against the Chief Operating Officer?

The Superstars and Divas who didn’t protest on Monday will likely be in attendance at Raw SuperShow at Oklahoma City’s Chesapeake Energy Center. Triple H has confirmed that Cena, Punk, Orton, Sheamus and Big Show will indeed be there. Regardless, questions must be asked: If there is eventually a resolution to the walkout, how will these Superstars and Divas be treated by those who turned against The Game? Will it be back to taking care of business inside the squared circle, or will hostility linger toward those who are already being described in whispers as "scabs" - a derogatory term for those who continue working while their colleagues protest?

embedcolon25037837Tensions have already been high among WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, Cena and Punk for months. Del Rio was a leader of the walkout, while Cena and Punk weren’t present at the vote. Should The Mexican Aristocrat happen to return to Raw SuperShow where he’s sure to encounter Cena and Punk, there’s no doubt the animosity felt between these Superstars will only deepen.

Divas Champion Beth Phoenix led a group of Divas, including Natalya, A.J., The Bella Twins and Rosa Mendes, who voted “no confidence” against Triple H. Notably missing were Kelly Kelly and Eve. Earlier on Raw SuperShow, an irate Kelly Kelly shockingly erputed, viciously attacking The Glamazon as retribution for her loss at WWE Hell in a Cell. (PHOTOS | WATCH) Therefore, it’s not really a surprise that Kelly and her friend, Eve, would back Beth’s feelings about Triple H’s performance as COO. Their rivalry is already severe, but after this walkout concludes (we're being optimistic), there’s no telling what could happen when these rival Divas meet again in the ring.

Then there's Big Show, who's returning from injuries sustained from an assault by World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry, who, rather ironically, also walked out. Is The World's Largest Athlete setting himself up to become The World's Largest Target? With other Superstars claiming there are unsafe working conditions on Raw SuperShow, the giant should be extra-cautious about where he steps in the ring. Perhaps he should look to WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler as an example. "The King" knows all too well about that after Henry threw him through a table a few weeks ago, prompting him to reluctantly walk out on the WWE COO.

Triple H has said Monday’s Raw SuperShow must go on. Beyond those he mentioned, it’s still a mystery which Superstars, Divas, officials and crew will be in Oklahoma City, and who will protest. Regardless, the tension between those who walked out and those who didn’t could hit an explosive point if they cross paths. It has to. And this time, it's not merely because of their competitive spirits. Superstars' animosities will be based on what the other believes, and there may be no amount of time that can heal such wounds.

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